Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wouldn't want to be a Single Mum!

Aunty Amara please help me out. I met this guy sometime in 2014, we had our ups and downs because he is not always available but he resides in the same state as mine.
In 2015 during one of our quarrels another guy came to my place and told me of his intention of marrying me, he took me to his village, showed me to his mum and siblings. The former guy started noticing my lack of interest in him cos I no longer cry and beg him for us to see, he started doing the calling and begging to see me, we even had a fight which I had injuries and he later apologized.
All of a sudden guy B started misbehaving so I decided to let go of both relationships,even though guy A was still calling and pleading.
In 2016, I decided to give guy A another chance and we continued dating... About two months ago guy B came back all serious and wanting to settle with me. Since I don't know guy A family members, I decided to give him another chance and watch both because though I love guy A more, he is not making any move in taking another step in the relationship.
I just realised that am pregnant for guy A and he is saying it's up to me whether to keep the baby or terminate it that he does not want me having a baby in a rented apartment, he should complete his house first.
Am really confused though am working but wouldn't want to be a single mum.

When you were tossing between guy A and guy B, you were actually laying the foundation for single parenting because it was obvious that you didn't know what you wanted, who you loved, and who was in love with you. You tossed between both of them until guy A scored a goal. 
It doesn't matter whether he admitted to be the striker or whether he's a defensive midfielder, you just need to prepare yourself for motherhood. 
You need to be responsible for your decision and accountable for your actions. Abortion is never an option here and if he has the capacity to build a house, he also has the capacity to take the responsibility of your child. 
Let him know that you are not going to abort the baby and then let his family be in the picture of your pregnancy so that they will also advise their son and give you the necessary support. 
Thankfully you are working which means that you can provide the basic needs of your child and also enrol into antenatal care so that your gynaecologist will give you all the support and the advise that you need as you prepare for one of the most unique and exceptional journey of humanity. 
Ask God for mercies and for the grace to sustain you and pray that your seed shall be a blessing to your life and to all who identifies with your baby. 
I am aware that you were never anticipating a pregnancy from a consensual sexual intimacy, well I actually wasn't expecting a laptop battery from individuals who decides to go for premarital sex, but one thing you can prepare for now is motherhood and whether you are married or not, you can decide to be a great mum to your beautiful baby.
Do not let the perceptions or the opinions of others make you feel that aborting your baby is a better option than to preserve his or her life, instead remember that that your baby is innocent of all that transpired before his or her arrival and decide to give him the best that God has ordained for him.
Also have it at the back of your mind that for the fact that you got pregnant for a man, doesn't in any way mean that you must be married to him or should you allow the presence of your child to push you into getting married to a man who will destroy your life and make marriage a miserable experience for you. 
Take care of your baby but be firm in deciding who to settle down with to avoid experiences or encounters like what you are currently going through.


  1. I would advise you to face reality and enjoy your liberty. You actually have a misplaced priority and you've landed in a wonderful land that comes from such acts. It's a blessing thou but you are not ready for it. Embrace it and let the lesson be yours and solely yours. Best of luck

  2. Lols @ well I actually wasn't expecting a laptop battery from individuals who decides to go for premarital sex.

    Aunty,u ve said it all...u are in spirit dear.

  3. U just said it ryt ma'am.dear poster d Lord will provide for u cos abortion is not an option


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