Monday, June 27, 2016

She Aborted my Desire for Fatherhood.

After my previous relationship, I started dating another girl. I love the girl but with the recent happenings, am doubting her love for me. My girl visited me last month and while she was with me we had sex. She went back to her base. When it was time for her to see her period, she missed it. I asked her if she has seen her period, she didn't give me any answer. It was after some days that she sent me a message that she missed her period and that she has gone for a pregnancy test and it was positive.
I was happy when I heard it but my joy was cut short after I called her and she told me that she took some drugs to abort the baby. I told her to come and see me. When she came, I took her and she did another pregnancy test and the result still reflected positive. I now told the lab scientist that she have taken some drugs which I don't know if it will affect the baby. He referred us to one doctor in the hospital that will treat the case.
We went to the hospital and a scan was done on her. Then the doctor told us that the drug have killed the baby that we need to cleanse her womb to avoid problem in the future. She went through the process and it was successful.
Madam here is my problem. My girl went and aborted my baby without my knowledge, if not that she didn't see any blood which made her to think that the baby is still there before she contacted me.
Secondly, this is a girl I normally tell that if by chance anything come out from the affair, that I will bear the responsibilities because I love children. And I constantly reminds her that my blood will not be outside my family. When she came visiting me for the lab, I asked her why she tried to abort my baby, she said that she is not ready to be a mother now and that her people will be disappointed in her.
I told her that am really disappointed in her, that I thought she loved me but I didn't know that she doesn't. She denied me the opportunity of being a father.
Before she left my house, she was begging me to forgive her that it was fear that I might deny the pregnancy that made her to take the drug. She said that she is now ready to marry me but I told her it's left for God to decide. I felt betrayed and disappointed where she is.
During the period she conceived for me, she used my phone to chat her former boyfriend who is outside the country and she still tells him she loves him and kept asking him when he will come back to her.
I got to know this because she forgot to log out her account from my phone. So I felt like this is the guy she loves and not me. She has been calling since this event happened and begging me not to leave her for another girl.
Aunty please am really confused now. My trust for her is depreciating by the day. I need your advice on what to do. Thanks a lot and God bless you!

I am sincerely not happy with you and your partner. Both of you are to be blamed for the unfortunate loss of a precious life. 
Sir, if you love children and desire to experience fatherhood, please visit your partner's family and declare your intention to marry the lady so that you can enjoy sex with her and receive the reward for your efforts. No lady wish to be a baby mama for any man no matter how much she hates him. 
Every lady desire to build the bond and affection with the father of her children. So it's just not enough for you to say that you don't want your blood to be outside your family, you should also consider the woman who carried the pregnancy and also bring her home so that she can enjoy the fellowship of her child and her husband. 
So don't go around sowing seeds if you don't really wish to get married to the lady. 
Meanwhile, your partner might have acted out of fear of the pregnancy being rejected, she might have aborted the pregnancy because of the fear of her parents, relatives, and friends mocking her or leaving her to carry the pregnancy alone with the attendant stress and discomfort. However she is entirely responsible for her decision to have sex with you, so for her to have decided to abort her baby was indeed wicked, selfish and devastating to say the least. 
I am personally not holding any brief for her because when she was enjoying the romping and the fun, she wasn't expecting masters degree. Why would she suddenly realise how her family and relatives will treat her and then decide to abort your baby? If she wasn't really ready for pregnancy, why have sex with a man? 
Her decision to abort only reflects her values, her virtues and her personality as an individual. We might want to excuse her but anyone who has the heart to terminate a life doesn't have the fear of God in her and such an individual doesn't appreciate the sacredness of life. 
And from her chat with her yankee boyfriend, I have no idea what is on her mind. All I guess she's doing is play the victim and acting like she can't do without you. 
I feel that you and her should come off this blame game and sit down and talk about your relationship. What exactly attracted you to her? Why her and what are your expectations in your marriage?
Both of you are guilty so there's no need to condemn her and then praise yourself simply because you wanted to experience fatherhood and she aborted the vision. Find out what she's doing with the other man and why she's still communicating with him. 
Don't make any decision out of pity but let it be that you are genuinely convinced that she has those qualities that you desire in your wife, and you are convinced that both of you are emotionally, spiritually and mentally strong for marriage. 
Both of you should seek the face of God and ask for mercies because what both of you did was indeed painful and annoying. 
I hope that this won't happen again and that both of you will be responsible for your decision henceforth. If you intend to marry her, plan towards that and do the needful so that both of you can experience parenthood and give your children the best in life.

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  1. Aunty Amara I soo love you. You don't support Evil you speak the truth poster if you like aid to her advice if u like do wat ur mind says OYO is ur case


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