Monday, June 27, 2016

What Should I Do to Keep my Baby?

Good day ma, God bless you for the work well done. My husband and I have been married for four years now, met this man when he had nothing and we were happy with ourselves, but bless God he got a job four months after our wedding. Immediately he got the job his attitude changed, I now saw the real man I married. That same year he bought a land, built his house and we moved in last year. Things became worse for me, no more love, no respect, no truth, can't protect me from his family, always giving his mum the latest news about me, rain abusive words on my family. Called my father a coward, my mom a witch, and threatening to kill me since last week.
He started cooking his food in his room, have a separate room, he says I should leave his house, go with my child, after all the child is a girl or he will kill me. The problem is that am not working but the problem is getting worse by the day, I had to leave to save my head.
First I gave him a letter from the court, coming up on Wednesday but the problem is the job I don't have, hope I can win the case by having my baby to myself because she is all I have and I can kill myself if my baby is taken away from me.
Please I need advice, should I go on with the process or I let go?
Note: I don't need his property because that is what him and his family members are saying, that I took their brother to court because of his property. I just want him to be responsible in paying the school fees.
Please to add to it, he hit me a lot, the last one that happened was bad that I had a miscarriage of five months pregnancy. A week later, he beat me up, told me he don't care if I die, he says if I die he will just go to prison, highest two to three years and by then am forgotten by everyone.

Quite painful, devastating and horrible. I couldn't believe that someone is talking about taking the life of another individual for any reason best known to him. I personally have no idea what happened that made this beautiful marriage to turn sour but there are so many questions I may not have an answer to.
As I went through your profile, I couldn't believe that we were talking about your beautiful marriage with your handsome husband, oh well I pray for God's grace in your life.
I am happy that you took the right step by leaving him to avoid any loss of life or a lifetime disability. But I felt that your first approach would have been for your family to meet with his family and fashion out ways to resolve whatever may have pushed him to beat and humiliate you.
Where the families are unable to intervene, you could have gone to the social welfare where they will give you protection and at the same time instruct him to provide for the upkeep of your daughter and also grant you the custody of your daughter.
But since you have already approached the court, kindly gather all the evidences of physical abuse, the loss of your pregnancy and the expenses you spent on evacuation and treatment. Gather every evidences of his inability to take care of you and your daughter and how he rejected her by the virtue of her gender.
If you have any family member who can also stand with you and support you, please invite the person and prayerfully allow God to grant you victory. I am hopeful that the court won't grant him the custody of your daughters because of her age and I hope that the court will instruct him to pay for the upkeep and the school fees of your daughter.
I must also advise you to plan towards starting up a business, or getting a job, or learning a vocational skills so that you can cater for your needs and the needs of your daughter.
A man who could beat his five months pregnant wife surely doesn't see anything good in his wife and there is little or no reason why you should think of returning back to him.

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  1. Dear poster,it is well wit u nd ur child.I pray d Lord gives u all d strength nd courage u nid to overcome dis trying times.
    As for ur child,am hopeful u wil b her custodian.As d case mayb even if d court grants her dad custody ova her,object to it nd also prove to dem y he can't hv her bcos frm ur story he can bring harm to dis child.Remain Blessed


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