Saturday, June 4, 2016

Betting Crushed my Savings!

Aunty Amara please I need help. I am a young man of 26 years who wants to help and cater for his family but that ambition has landed me in serious trouble. It is a thing of shame but when someone needs help there's no need to feel ashamed. I know what I did was stupid and I have asked myself over and over again what got into me, I can't sleep at night and I am losing it seriously.
It all began when I started doing a home job analyslzing project work for students. This job earned me lots of money which I used to help my parents and siblings and I didn't even buy a toothbrush for myself cos my family was the most important thing to me. When students finished writing their projects the money stopped coming and it really pained me when my dad was in serious need and I couldn't help. So I began to search for means to get money online and I stumbled upon all these betting sites and I decided to try it out so I did.
Meanwhile in my account was N270, 000 which mum had been saving since January. This money was for two of my younger sister's school fees and the registration of a job my mother wants to start. She had really struggled to come up with this money. So I started betting with small money and I was winning small small but it was insignificant so I don't know what came over me, one day that I put in N50, 000 out of the money in my account and that was the beginning of my trouble. I lost that money and I almost fainted. Still I felt I could get back my money from the betting people so I tried again and that was how I lost the whole money. Every single dime.
Aunty Amara, I know how stupid I was to have done this, I can't even explain how. Now my mother needs this money next week and I've been praying to God for a miracle because I can't tell my mum that her money is gone. Ma, this is her life savings for now. My younger sister's school is also closing the portal for school fees payment soon and I have nothing with me.
Ma, I have thought of different evil things to do either to get the money or to hurt myself but what will I tell God and it will be very unfair to my family. I need help, I need help. This is a cry from a bleeding heart. Please ma, help me if you can

I am sincerely sorry for your huge loss, I know that this wasn't what you anticipated when you went into gambling online. In my inbox are families who cannot afford to eat in a day, some are struggling to pay their house rent, some school fees, and I have tons of mails seeking for employment. 
I am in all honesty trying to let you understand that the times are hard and many people are crying and seeking for one form of help or another. 
I decided to publish your mail to enable many others who are currently into betting learn a thing or two from you. I am so sorry that I won't be calling for any financial support for you, not because I don't understand your plight but because I believe that your issue though critical, hasn't gotten to the point where the world should rally to help you. 
I must be very frank with you, I will not be preaching against gambling or betting because I know that many people have been favoured from it, but one of the dangers of this online betting platform is that it infuses the spirit of greed and selfishness in the mind of many players. 
The moment when you feel that you can win billions by emptying your account, that's the moment when the devil has dug a grave for you to be buried. Greed, greed and greed was the reason why you decided to waste this hard earned money that you could have invested in other businesses that could have yielded some profits by now. 
It was greed that made you forget to seek counsel before throwing all your money on a platform that you knew was dependent on probability. It was greed that pushed you and it's greed that gives birth to corruption. 
I feel for your mum who wouldn't understand your story and your sister who will suffer from your carelessness. 
I will suggest that you think of commercialising your skills and knowledge so that you can start making some money. There are thousands of ways to make money online and betting isn't the best of them all. You can analyse projects for other final year students all over the world, you can work on blogging, you can work on YouTube, you can think of affiliate marketing or online marketing, you can venture into content writing or brand marketing jobs and so many others. 
You must learn from your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions. Go back to your drawing board and think of what you can do to raise some funds everyday no matter how little. For your sister's school fees, you can get a loan from your church or family while you plead for your to exercise some patience while you go out there and work for your money. 
I am sorry if I didn't tell you what you wanted to hear but I am also in pains that you lost the money that could have established you in your business. 
Remember that killing yourself won't bring any solution to your family's challenges nor will it bring any solution to your sister, so don't border taking your life, rather challenge yourself from today and choose not to allow this experience sink your heart but look up to God and seek his grace and wisdom to make wealth.

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