Saturday, June 4, 2016

Should Leave my Niece Behind?

Am a single lady of 32 years and l have stayed in the village all my life but there is no good business over here. And l am presently not in a relationship, all the ones asking me for a date are married men.
Secondly l wish to travel to the city but the problem is that l cater for my younger sister's daughter because my sister is far away. l don't know if l should leave the child behind and build up my life? The kid is just 4 years old.

If you have other alternative to taking care of your niece, please consider it and work on developing yourself, and exploring avenues and opportunities that will add value to your life.
Some beautiful ladies were unable to meet their husbands because they hid under one excuse or reason or relatives and even companies, and before they could realise what they needed, they've almost lost their opportunities to mingle, interact and bond with other individuals who share the same vision, values and convictions with them.
If your mother is around and can take care of your niece, why not let your sister know so that you can leave the cave for somewhere you can embrace the beauty and splendour of life.
No matter how enticing it might be, please don't consider dating a married man or have anything to do with him, because it's the easiest way to destroy yourself and soil your integrity. The God who gave other ladies husbands will also bless you with your own husband irrespective of your age or the circumstances that might have affected you.

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