Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Mum is Dying in Pains.

Hi Aunty, well done with your good works. I have a serious problem and it's about my mum. I need advise from your Dermatologists and medical expert followers. The attached is what my mum's leg looks like now. It started as a mosquito bite and escalated to what it looks like now. It itches, bites and draws her both on the skin and vein, she does not sleep at night neither does it allow her to walk properly.
My husband and I have taken her to so many places as people that saw it claimed that she must have stepped on poison (achele), but all the spending and going about did not yield any positive result.
Personally, I don't belief it's poison, I think it's medical related but I am heavily pregnant and cash trapped now, that's why I have not taken her to LUTH. Though It took me a while to get over the fear instilled in me by people that when she takes injection, she will die. I think it's drug reaction because she is on retrovirus drugs or something connected to a vein problem.
I need to know what step to take so that I can start immediately I put to bed which is few days from now. She is in serious pain and I can no longer bear seeing her like this, please help with advise on how to tackle it. God bless.

I contacted a medical doctor and this was what she said concerning your mother's ailment. 
She said it's not poison, that it's because she's Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) positive and her immunity is compromised. 
That it's one of the terrible skin manifestations that complicates HIV especially in more severe stages, and it's called Kaposi Sarcoma which is seen in advanced HIV.
According to her, it's malignant that is cancerous, so the best option will be to go to a specialist and they'll plan appropriate management based on her individual stage and all.
I pray for divine healing and that God will provide the funds that you need to take care of her leg and regain her health.


  1. If she's on retroviral drugs, NNE she has RVD aka HIV. And she should seek medical attention immediately. But get to think of it? If your mum knows she's on HAART why didn't she go to the hospital immediately she saw this. Please take her to hospital immediately. If you are in the East and Enugu precisely.I can write you a referral to see a specialist in the teaching hospital.

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