Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Will She get Pregnant while Breastfeeding our Baby?

Good morning ma, please I want you to educate me on this issue.
Am a married man and my wife is breast feeding our baby so she is not seeing her menses, if I have sex with her will it result to pregnancy? Because am being starved of sex for seven months now, ma please help me.

Basically if she's not seeing her menses, she won't get pregnant. However, to be on a safer side and to avoid expecting another baby while she's still nursing your seven months old baby, it's advisable for both of you to visit your family doctor who will suggest the best family control measure that is suitable for her so that both of you can enjoy sexual intimacy while she breastfeed her baby without any fear of getting pregnant. 
Starving you of sex for seven months was quite ignorant and insensitive of her but I feel that she did that to avoid getting pregnant while nursing your baby. 
Some of the challenges you might experience when having sex with her includes vaginal dryness, beast tenderness, and moodiness as a result of the hormonal activities in her body.
So you may need to be more romantic, tender, and spend more time during foreplay to enable her relax and also allow her body to produce enough fluid for sexual intimacy. 
Also you may encourage her to get a water based lubricant that is glycerin free which you will apply on your penis before penetrative sex. 
But as for the option of contraceptive, your family doctor will be in a better position to advise both of you on the best option to adopt.

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  1. If u are very. Good with withdraw method plz u both can practice it,that what we've been practicing for 2yrs counting now,but only if u are very Good,ur wife can get pregnant while breastfeeding oo,n if it's ur 1st baby plz don't allow her go on any serious contraceptive, just withdraw and safe mode can do wonder


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