Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Did I Overreact by Shouting at Him?

Good evening ma'am. Please I read the story of the lady who was raped by her uncle and that's why I felt the urge to have your opinion on this issue that's bothering me. I was sexually abused too by a neighbour when I was a little girl. Like the poster, my abuser left his sperm in me and asked me to wash it off after he tried to penetrate me and I screamed. He rubbed his sex organ on mine until he cum! I didn't tell my mom because she never asked me or lectured me on anything relating to sex when I was little and so I wasn't free to tell her about it. I sure will not be able to recognize that beast that did it to me now but I will never forget his name, bro CHARLES!!! I was traumatized though but I got over it because I was determined to (that poster ought to do same).
The part I didn't get over is insecurity. I have a very young sister who's just seven ( mum wanted a little girl to stay with at old age lol), and each time I see her talking or playing with any grown guy I get so angry that I shout at her to get inside and I always leave the young men feeling embarrassed with not a single care in the world. This doesn't happen with my sis alone but with all the little girls around me, most times I'm left feeling like I overreacted. I always tell my sister to let me know if any guy touches her anywhere close to her privates and I will give her anything in the world she wants.
There's this neighbour of mine who obviously loves kids, he plays with all of them and even buys them gifts whenever he travels and returns. Just yesterday as I returned from work, I saw him advising my kid sister about her academics and holding her hands.
I looked away at first, then I had a flashback to when and how Charles held my hands before using them to rub his stupid manhood and I lost it... I warned my neighbour to stay away from my sister else I'd get him arrested! He was visibly shocked. I felt like a fool when I heard someone asking him what happened and he said " I don't even know ". I went in and asked myself the same question and couldn't give myself an answer, I cried auntie.
In front of my kid sister, she stared at me and I felt pity for her. Auntie Amara, Charles killed a part of me on that day he sexually abused me. I've not felt normal since yesterday. Did I overreact? What do I do? Please help me, I need help ma. thanks in anticipation

You didn't overreact, Charles kept you in the prison of bitterness and unforgiven spirit and this prison was what raged whenever you see any man near young children. 
This is the reason why part of you was dead ever since Charles exposed you to sexual assault, torture and rape. 
You tried so hard to overcome it by condemning Charles and blaming yourself for what happened. 
But inside your heart, you were in pains and torture of your past experience. Forgiveness was far away from your heart and Charles represented everything evil, dark, inhumane, wicked, selfish and horrible. 
Yesterday, these dark experiences of yours rose up and took hold of you and that was what made you to shout and attack your neighbour the way and manner you did. 
I will first suggest that you seek the face of God today and open your heart to him. Let him know the true state of your heart. Let him know how you feel whenever you remember what Charles did when you were young and tender. Let him know how many times you have struggled with this thought and pains and how you cannot do this by your strength anymore. 
Ask for divine healing and restoration and ask God for the heart of forgiveness so that you can forgive Charles and release him from your heart. 
Your healing will be complete only when you have forgiven Charles from the depth of your heart. Until you forgive Charles, you will always see Charles in every young man no matter how genuine their intentions might be.
Until you forgive Charles, you will always find yourself attacking others without getting hold of your emotions. 
Until you forgive Charles, you will find it difficult being at peace with yourself and accepting men as human being. 
Revenge will always be the thought of your heart but since you may not be able to revenge for your experience, you will end up attacking everyone around you unknown to you. 
You can break this cycle of bitterness in your life by choosing from the depth of your heart to forgive and give God a chance to heal your heart and make you whole. 
Please I will also encourage you apologise to your neighbour and let him know that it was never intentional but that he should bear with you and forgive you.
You will be fine I believe, when you allow the Holy spirit to heal your heart and soul by forgiving Charles and releasing him from your life.


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  2. Why will he hold her hands? Is it a new condition for giving advice? My sister you own no body any apology. Please always protect your little ones from people like'Charles'.

  3. My sister i dont blame you, I had a friend like dat, He used to gather small kids and buy tins for them nothing knowing he finger de little girls. I was mad with him de day i find out and til today i still remember dat. honestly some men are big fools.. God have mercy to our girls child's

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