Sunday, June 19, 2016

Am Scared of Losing Him!

I am a 23 years old final year student. Been in two past relationships that I have been struggling with its after effects. I haven't been able to fully recover from them. But then, why do they keep coming back asking for forgiveness like am some kind of acquisition? They left on their own and left me broken.
Okay, I decided to open my heart once more, a guy met me last year and we got talking. We got close and he asked me out, I accepted. He even proposed too but said he was going to make it official but I have a major problem about him. Being in the medical field is no excuse for not checking up on the one you claim to love.
In all the times we have communicated, I have been the one calling. Complained a lot of times and it's beginning to seem like nagging, so I stopped. He hardly checks on me, doesn't know how I am, whether dead or alive. He would always say he is too busy but that he loves me and am important to him but then it just gets worse.
If I decide not to call, he hardly does. We haven't gone intimate, so I really have nothing to lose but ma, I think am scared of losing him. Is he worth the stress am going through? Should I let him go?
I have tried so many times to see him, so we could talk things through but it's not working either. He fixes a date and disappoints me. I need to really plan my life after school, and am not even sure where I stand with him. Please ma, am confused. Thank you.

It's simple, what a man cherish is what he nurtures with everything he has. Your partner may claim to be too busy to build the relationship but I feel that he doesn't love you as much as he claimed.
So this is what I will encourage you to do, quit calling, texting, and communicating with him, give him thirty to sixty days and observe his reaction.
If he doesn't reach out to you or get worried about your silence, simply move on with your life and forget about him.
You know why? Because you don't beg to be loved by a man, if he's not into you, there's nothing that will entice him to give his heart to you. Rather he will only tell you what you wish to hear from him, and at the same time mess with your heart.
You shouldn't be scared of losing a man who doesn't share the same conviction with you or lose yourself because you feel that you you love him so much. You should weigh your virtues with God's promises for your life and allow God to give you the best man that will compliment your personality perfectly. If God could give you a handsome and charming boy sorry man, he can actually give you a better man who will give you many reasons to smile and be grateful.
You don't need to plan your future around a man who is not emotionally mature or stable for a relationship, all you need is to have a clear vision of your future and entrust everything to God who knows what you need and has prepared your husband for you.


  1. You responded well Amara but you won't stop with your hilarious antics some times. How come you cancel the boy when you could have easily delete it and retype. Anyway kudos to you!

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