Sunday, June 26, 2016

Should I Continue with my Colleague?

Good afternoon ma, thanks for the way you handled my case. A friend of mine also seeks your advice and those of your fans on this.
According to her, there is this guy in her office she is in a relationship with (they both work in the same office). Before they started the relationship, the guy told her that he has never been into any serious relationship before, that the only lady in his life is staying far away from him (this according to him is affecting their relationship from growing).
According to her, she loves the guy so much but the guy is the shy type. The lady is confused as to whether the guy really loves her as she does.
The funniest thing I heard is that the guy in question doesn't call her pet names which she has confronted him about but his response according to her was always that "he can't start what he can't finish".
According to my friend, this her guy didn't even buy a birthday gift for her, reason being that "he never knew he was to buy a gift for her that she knows he is inexperienced on issues like that". But the annoying thing is that my girlfriend can't do without buying stuffs for this guy when need be, to the extent that he even bought him a birthday gift of recent.
Although, she has let out her feelings to this guy but the guy told her that he is still observing her, that issues like this need not be rushed, that it is gradual process.
I just told my girlfriend to forget the man and move on with her life.
Surprising enough, an old time friend of hers is even asking for her hands in marriage as I speak, but according to her, the love she has for her colleague is much more than that of her old time friend.
I've advised her but insists she hears from you.

When the devil wants to prevent you from prospering in life, he will bring a hopeless distraction and make it so attractive that you will feel that you cannot do without it, not until when you have lost everything that you will realise how the devil messed with your mind.
The truth is that her so called colleague is not emotionally available for a relationship with her and he's also not single, so I have no idea what she wish to accomplish by forcing herself on him.
She should also know that she doesn't need an observer or a man who is shy to even nurture friendship when she can go for what is mature, purposeful, focused and realistic.
Well, your friend knows much better than I do, and I can assure her that she will definitely regret her decision to force herself on this man, because sooner or later he won't be shy to dump her and work on his long distance relationship.
Till then, pray for her and allow her to make her decision.

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  1. She will be a big loser when the old friend turns to someone else,the guy in the office is only using her to get his immediate need., not easy but worse if u have being there before... Let it go n embrace what would give u JOY...


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