Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ways to Enjoy Sex without Bruises or Pains.

Some husband have subjected their wives to sexual torture, excruciating pains and psychological agony simply because she couldn't produce enough wetness for a painless sexual intimacy. 
Some men have the misconception that if a lady cannot produce enough juice from her vagina, it then means that she's not a real woman. 
Some men banned their wives from any form of lubricants and have reduced sex to rape in their marriage. 
For some men, all they know about sex is, grab the boobs, kiss the lips and then insert the erect penis inside her vagina and then five minutes later he's fast asleep.
Nothing like romance, no time for foreplay, and there's no need to consider her feelings, comfort and how much she's enjoying his pumping and stroking.
Whether she's faking it or not, as long as he's satisfied, everyone else should be satisfied with his 'wam bam bam sex'.
This has pushed so many women into giving excuses of headache and false sickness whenever their husband talk about sexual intimacy. 
I have to start by saying that if you are experiencing painful sexual intimacy whenever you meet your partner, it's actually not normal, healthy and safe for you. There may be some reasons why you experience pains, bruises and discomforts during sex. 
It could be that your husband didn't spend quality time to arouse, romance and prepare your mind and body for sexual intimacy. And as a result there was no rush of blood to your vagina which will trigger the hormones to release the lubricants that your body needs for a smooth sexual intercourse. 
It could also be that your husband spent quality time with foreplay but your body didn't produce enough wetness that will last for the duration of sexual intercourse and your husband doesn't believe in the use of lubricants, thereby exposing you to painful sex. 
It may be that the lady contracted some infections like urinary track infections, yeast infections and the likes and this made her to experience some bruises and pains during sexual intimacy. 
It may likely be as a result of medical conditions such as wrong stitching after birth or a tear in the vagina which makes the lady experience pains and discomfort whenever there's pressure on the vagina. 
But one thing that is certain is that painful sex is not healthy and safe for couples,  and as a lady you shouldn't be shy or afraid to open up and let your husband know if you're experiencing any pains, discomforts or bruises during sex so that both of you can address the root cause and enjoy sex with great pleasure.
In a situation where there's limited foreplay or where the lady doesn't secrete enough fluid that will last for the duration of penetrative sex, there is every need for the lady to apply water based lubricants on the tips of his penis  and the walls of her vagina before penetrating inside the vagina. 
Water based lubricants has little or no side effects and it doesn't have any adverse effects for those who are on contraceptive or those using condoms as a form of contraceptive.
With water based lubricant, sex can be more sensational, both of you will reach the peak of your sexual ecstasy without any bruises, pains or discomfort.
If after the application of the lubricants, you still experience pains during sex, please visit your gynaecologist for proper examination and further advice. 
However there's every need for you to open up, get actively involved during sexual intercourse, express yourself and let your husband know how you feel, what you feel and how your sexual intimacy can be enhanced. 
As a loving husband, you can help your wife enjoy sex by spending quality time with foreplay, pampering her body and building up the tension of sexual intimacy in her mind so that her body and mind will be relaxed for the penetrative sex.
When your wife is not wet enough, please don't just pounce on her as you like but apply a water based lubricant, you will be doing your penis a huge favour and at the same time will enjoy her to the fullest just as she does too. 
Painful sex is not sexy and inflicting bruises on your wife doesn't make you a loving husband to your wife. But I hope that you will pay more attention to your wife's feelings, find out how much she enjoys sex and why she constantly complains about headache and address it, to enable you revive the fun and excitement in your marriage. 
God blessed humanity with great pleasure pot and with selfless devotion, understanding, support and patience, you can enjoy sex with your partner without pains and bruises.

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