Thursday, June 23, 2016

Won't God Forgive Me?

Good morning ma and God bless you.... Am married but sometime last year I sent a picture of my breast to a man, I never had anything to do with him except just the picture...
I have asked God for forgiveness but do you think God will not forgive me or I will go to hell if I don't tell my hubby cos if I tell my hubby he will never forgive me... Just want to know

You had something to do with the man which made you send the picture of your breast to him. 
Thank God for saving you from what could have destroyed your marriage. 
Nobody else should see your nakedness except your husband and perhaps during medical examination. 
God has forgiven you, forgive yourself and please go home and sin no more. You will not go to hell because you didn't tell your husband,but you need to cut off every amorous friendships that may influence you into doing anything that is not pleasing to God and your husband.
Don't you ever raise such a discussion with your husband to avoid setting yourself up for destruction. Not everyone has the maturity and the big heart to accommodate such a sensitive information without torturing you emotionally and constantly remind you of your mistakes. 
So let this be in your past while you focus on giving your best to your marriage and your husband.

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  1. Hmmmmm,what if the man shows the picture to your hubby some day? Who will believe you just sent the picture for fun or you want him to see what he is missing? We all ought to be thoughtful before taking any action especially when you are married. Some things can be forgive when single.


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