Monday, July 18, 2016

He's Always Abusive when it comes to Money.

Please ma If your fiancé is always abusive when it comes to money. I mean if anything money trespass between you both, he doesn't care about your feelings and still claims to love you. What should I do?
Am confused and am so much in love with him.
It had made me that the only happiness I derive now is by Facebooking

When you take what babies cherish so much, they protest, fight and cry until they get it back. For children, it's something that is so so dear to them and feel that if they lose that particular gift or object, they will never get it again elsewhere.
When an adult reacts in such a manner whenever you have financial issues, it's a sign that he cherish his money much more than you, it's also an indication that his money is his idol.
The likely implications of this attitude is that he can give you every other thing except his money. Also he wouldn't like anything that demands his money as he may likely see it as wastage if it's not directly to his benefit. Thirdly he will definitely not be accountable to you on how he manages his funds.
Maybe you should sit down with him and find out why he acts in such a manner, and also pour your fears and worries to him so that you can hear from him and also ask yourself if you can cope with his personality for the rest of your life.
This is actually a huge red flag of what you may likely experience in your marriage if you settle down with him. 
You're better advised to weigh your options and thread with wisdom.

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