Monday, July 18, 2016

Prophet said I Should Break the Engagement.

Good morning ma! My heart is troubled as I write to you. I am 27 years old. Early this year I met a man through my mummy's co-worker. I didn't want to accept due to the age difference but my mum is a kind of person that put pressure on someone and I do not want to go through that in her hands and apart from that I have never been in any serious relationship before and it bothers me so much. It makes me thinks if everything is alright with me, that is why I heed to the proposal. He proposed to me and I accepted, we hooked up several times before he travelled back to his base where he came from but before then the introduction have been done before he left. After the introduction I found out some social habit which am not comfortable with, I talked to him and he promised to do away with them gradually. It's five month since he left. His communications with me reduced and I have tried asking him why and all he could say is that I should be patient with him, that I should not be annoyed bla! bla!! Bla!!!.
I feel very bad because I have stoop so low before him and it pains me so much but I know I can't take it back. I have already made up my mind not to call him again but I don't know if my decision is wise enough. He promised to come back hopefully in December.
My mum visited a prophet before the introduction, she said we should go ahead. Few weeks back she visited a prophets and he told her that the marriage will not last, he told my mum to call me and he repeated the same thing that I should break the engagement with him. I don't know what to do, am really fed up and confused.
I travelled all the way from Lagos to the village for the introduction. I just can't imagine the embarrassment and exposures my mum have made me go through. It's really killing me. Please I need you to help me! Waiting for your reply. Thank you!

You can listen to your parent's suggestions, advice and opinions concerning everything but when it comes to marriage and who you desire to spend the rest of your life with, not the life of your mother or any other person but your life, please seek the face of God for yourself and listen to your heart. 
Whether the prophet said it or not, you will most likely crumble in a marriage that was fixed by others because you will soon realise that you married your mother's choice of man and not your own heart desire. 
The embarrassments and the temporary gossips that you will experience as a result of your decision is nothing compared to the misery, the agony, the bondage and the pains that comes with getting married to a stranger. 
Think about it, do you really love this man? How much of him do you really know? What's the motivation behind accepting his proposal if not desperation and persuasion? What if there are so many secrets and hidden details about this man, how would you have managed him? Why enter marriage to experiment with your life when you can prepare yourself adequately and get married to your soul mate, partner and companion? 
You have to realise that you are not in any competition with any lady, and for the fact that you're not in a serious relationship with anyone doesn't mean that you should accept anyone as husband. 
Please do not allow anyone to experiment with your life or push you into getting married to a man who will bring out the beast in you or make you struggle to love him for the rest of your life. 
I must also advise you to desist from consulting prophets and prayer contractors when it comes to choosing who to settle down with, this will help you seek the face of God and hear from God himself. Read Should Pastors and Prophets Decide who to Marry?
I feel that you should take your time and examine the whole drama and then decide what you feel is the best for you at this point in your life.


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  2. This is in a way simple and complicated at the same time but I think you should bid goodbye to the marriage now that it's not fully settled to avoid an unbearable marriage in the future. Your tomorrow is in your hands and your hands alone, so if you let anyone decide who you'll be with in the future, then whatever comes out of it will be left for you to manage.


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