Monday, July 18, 2016

How Do I Break Away from His Witchcraft?

Hi, am grateful for the work well done. Ma story is so troubling and disturbing. I was kidnapped into marriage back in 2004 by a man I have never met. I was 17 years, in my form 6. It was strange, my family tried to get me from there but I was hidden. At 23, I've already had four kids, from there I got into that family but everything was not adding up. I begged the man to take me back to school, he refused. There has never been any love between us, we only tolerate each other and we've been pushing it.
Am a person who doesn't quarrel and him as well, I got to know that he used witchcraft to marry me, but I couldn't do anything because am already a mother of five. He's been harassing me in all these years, am not allowed to go out or to work no matter how hard I try to show him that I can't go anywhere wit five kids. He's always thinking that I might go one day, so he continued to use his witchcraft, I confirmed that he does it  myself.
I got tired and started going for prayers but he's a moslem so he was like it's disrespectful cos am his wife and he's a moslem, am not supposed to visit a church. Yet we're not officially married in Islamic religion, that created a lot of tension but I continued praying.
On Sunday, my God, he confessed to me with his mouth that he's been feeding me witchcraft all these years. I wasn't surprised cos I already knew.
The problem is that I can't take it anymore, even the little tolerance I had is gone, I can't stand him. If only your followers could give their opinion, I'll be grateful.

I can only imagine what you have experienced in the hands of your oppressor, but the good news is that our God is mighty to save, to heal and to deliver you and your children from him.
You need to write to the social welfare of your country, if there's any non governmental organisations that protect the rights of abused women, please write to them. Search for their email address and send them a detailed description of your experience with your husband.
You must not reveal your plans to your partner to avoid any form of abuse. Also communicate with your family and let them assist you in getting every information that you need to expose the hidden deeds of your partner and set yourself free from him.
Also pray fervently and always make out time to pray and spend quality time with your children so that they will support you and work together with you.
No matter how long it may take, be positive and also get the law enforcement agencies involved. You cannot continue with this modern day slavery in the name of marriage.
I pray that God will protect you from every witchcraft of your partner and deliver you from his evil ways.

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