Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Have Lost Every Feeling I had for Her But Want Full Custody of my Son.

Hello dear Amara Van-Lare, you are doing a very wonderful job to humanity in this forum. May God bless you.
It started some four years ago when I met this beautiful lady one night around my neighbourhood, we got talking and as she was in a haste, we exchanged contact digits and parted. We kept talking on phone though she was not living that far from mine. One thing led to the other we developed feelings, but there was one secret she kept from me which was that she was chronically sick, though you will not really dictate by her mere appearance.
Her kind of sickness as I came to realize was spiritual, sometimes the parents do take her to spiritual healing homes. I could not let go as I have come to like her so much, so I usually do visit her there loaded with gifts and provisions, cash inclusive.
Fast-forward to one year after her rehabilitation, we kept the relationship, she took in along the line. I met with her parents, discussed with them, I did not want her to abort the child. We concluded that I take care of her pregnancy and her total well-being till she puts to bed, they were also much worried about her health concerns.
I spent double during her pregnancy because she practically lived on drugs, fruits, provisions etc till her delivery date... Now I have a son through her, but I don't wish to marry her, not because of her incessant illness but due the fact that her mum suddenly woke up one morning and started calling my mum a witch, alleging that my mum has been responsible for her daughter's ailment.
Note; Her mum and the lady has never set their eyes on my mum. How can she be my wife when my mum is already a witch to her? What baffled me most was that the same lady joined hands with her mum to accuse an innocent woman, who has only seen my son(her grand child)in pictures...
The lady has since been sent to her parent's house as I have lost every feeling I once had for her, but I want the full custody of my child. As it stands, I have been responsible for every kobo spent on him and he bears my name(jnr). I have all the documents well kept, now am contemplating between instituting a legal proceeding or take him forcefully, I really need your advise please... Thanks, God bless.

Though I won't want to impose anything on you, I don't know if you took your time to discuss with your partner to find out the source of this accusation and why they suddenly realised that your mother is behind her challenge.
One thing that I know is that frustrations and challenges of life has the tendency to make an individual believe anything and at the same time be manipulated by anyone. It's possible that a hardworking fake pastor or prophet may be responsible for their recent attitude towards you and your mother.
If you still love her and hope to make this work out, both of you can sit and talk about this so that you can reconcile with her and continue your relationship.
But if you feel that you cannot continue with the relationship, I will suggest that you give your son some time to grow before suing to get the full custody of your son. This is because it maybe difficult to get full custody of your son depending on the age of your son and as such won't be so easy for you now.
I will also suggest that you visit her family with your own family and officially request to take the custody of your son or at least allow him to stay with you when he's free. The outcome of the meeting will determine whether you should go ahead with the court proceedings or not.
In all, I will advise that you don't use force, the reason is so that you don't end up hurting those that you shared your heart with. Definitely your son will be given to you someday in your life, please be careful and smart in your approach and strive to be at peace with yourself and her family.

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