Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm Tired of Everything.

Good afternoon ma. I appreciate what GOD is using you to do in relationships and marriages, I pray for more wisdom AMEN! Ma, am one of your fans but I don't know how to write to you so I decided to inbox you.(**you did well)
Ma, I don't know where and how to start my story, it's long but I will try and summarize it. Am a 23 years old lady I was in a relationship with a guy who loves me so much and provides anything I want/need unless he doesn't have. The guy is okay but his problem is that he nags a lot like a woman, he always complain at everything. And he always use my past against me. I then told him that am tired of the relationship and he just called a day that he is sorry.
I told him am tired already and I hate guys that nag. After much much, I met a guy in my school, I love him and he always tell me that he do love me also and am important to him. Ma, I can't stay a day without hearing from him but each time I go to visit him, I will always see a pack of condom on his fridge and the condom that has been used already but he says it's not his, that his friends slept in his room with their girlfriends and they are the owners of the condom.
Even when I checked his phone, I will see his chat with different girls telling them to send their sexiest pictures to him. When I approached him, he said I like bothering and stressing myself over nothing and he has those girls pictures saved on his phone.
Ma, he doesn't give me money to cook or anything, he always says there's no money but he goes out with his male friends and buy them drinks of N10,000 - N15,000 a day. I always cook for him with my money and call him to eat. He doesn't talk to me in public, even in school he hides from me so that I won't see him let alone talking to him.
He only likes my body, he says he can't resist me, even when I made a promise to GOD not to go back to sin again he was the one that made me break that promise because he said that am pushing him away to do what he doesn't want to do with girls.
Ma, I aborted for him last year, ma am tired of everything, I don't even know if GOD will forgive me, I need GOD'S MERCY.
Ma, please advice me as your daughter because I have gone astray.

My beautiful and adorable daughter, let me start by saying that you are beautiful, you are lovely, you have great virtues inside of you. You have a purpose in life, you have talents that the world awaits, you are not ordinary, and you are not here by accident.
I know that you believe that God loves you, but perhaps you feel that God is far away and you are not so sure if he really does, I want to reassure you that God truly loves you. Secondly, I want to let you know that I personally love you. I know that in your quest to find love, you found yourself in this mess but not to worry, always remember to I love you and I believe that you are soaring unto greater heights in your journey.
Dear, any man who delights only in your body doesn't love you but your body. While your body is part of you, you are a whole unique identity and being with spirit, soul before body. Any man who comes in the name of love to devour your body is only in love with the least part of your being.
When a man avoids you amongst his friends and come at night to use your vagina, he is not in love with you. He only want to satisfy his penis and then let you go.
Any man who always have pack of condom in his room is using it on another lady and you know that there are sexually transmitted infections and diseases that you can contract by allowing him to sleep with you anyhow. That also is not love.
And you even aborted a baby for him all in the name of love? Even God who loved the world never killed anyone but sent his son to die. The moment when you now kill your own seed because of a man, is the moment I feel that you have lost it completely.
The one that pains me more is where you go to market, buy food stuff, and then prepare food for him. Please using your school allowance to cook for a man is not love, it's foolishness because you are robbing your family to feed a thief.
I wonder what you were attracted to in him but this is not healthy for you and your future at all. He cheats on you, he avoids you, he manipulates you and also steal the joy in your heart.
His sole purpose is to make a mess of your life and destiny but God has a better plan for you today.
Kindly go before him in all humility of heart and openly confess your errors and shortcomings before him. Let him know that you have messed up and have hurt him so much knowingly and unknowingly. Ask him to forgive you and make you whole and rededicate your life to him again.
Decide from today not to tow this path in your journey, any man who pushes you to commit abortion doesn't care about your happiness and fulfilment in life. Decide to stop looking for boys to date but to prepare yourself for your husband.
Please invest your time and heart to read your books and develop yourself skilfully and spiritually. When you prepare yourself for your husband, you will never be enticed by the offers from fake boyfriends whose interest is in your vagina and not your heart.
I believe that God is preparing you for greatness and he will need your obedience and selfless devotion to his word to make this vision a reality in your life.


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  2. A guy in ur school baa, don't go n read ur books, he hasn't even found his footing in life


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