Friday, July 8, 2016

Does She Truly Love Me?

Ma please read my story and tell me what to do.
I am dating a girl since 2014. The girl doesn't request anything from me. She broke up with a guy some months ago before the time we met. I asked her the reason for the break up, she said the guy tried forcing her to have sex which was against her wish; that she will not have sex till marriage.
She said she was a virgin when we started but sometimes last year she told me she was no longer a virgin that she was forced by a guy who raped her. Before the incident, she had visited me in my house twice and I asked her if we should have sex but she said no that she wouldn't have sex till marriage and I thought it was a wise decision.
Then after the first rape as she said, she visited me again and I asked for sex again but she said no that she won't and I asked why she said nothing. Most times if I call her she will not pick up the phone instead she will text me to login to social media so we can have a private chat.
Just yesterday she told me that she had sex with the former guy she broke up with and that she can't continue hiding it from me that is why she had to tell me. And it's because she loves me that is why she had to tell me.
I have been faithful to her since 2014 but I don't understand why she is telling me all these. There was a time we had misunderstanding and I told her it's better we part ways instead of trouble now and then; she said she can't stay without me in her life.
Remember: I don't give her money for anything just that I bought her phone sometime ago.
MY QUESTION NOW IS : Does she truly love me and she is having sex with other guys and telling me about it. Also, I need to know if I should continue with her because I love her so much. Please I need your advice

A lady who genuinely love you won't sleep with another man when she's in a relationship with you. And a lady of good virtue is one who is sincere and honest in all her endeavours. Unfortunately your partner seems to have more lies in her lips than truth, and it's very possible that she's dating another man.
She openly doesn't communicate with you but prefers chat and she doesn't feel comfortable with your personality.
I doubt if she genuinely loves you as much as you love her but the decision to continue with the relationship or to quit is solely yours.
In all I will advise you look well before you leap because not all that glitters is of great value.

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