Thursday, July 21, 2016

What Kind of Father Punishes his Kids to Bless Them?

Good day ma.. Thank you for this opportunity to allow God use you to bring healing to troubled souls. I just need someone to talk to and I just remembered you ma. I don't know what to do about this, I am currently unemployed for now and live with my widow mum. I help out with chores and everything in the house including bills according to what I have, not that I am content in this state but I still apply for any job vacancy that I see.
So, my mum likes gisting and I'm not really the talking type but I recently feel guilty when she says things like Mama Chichi's daughter bought her a brand new Sienna from America where she is living with her husband, Mama Nneka gave me an invitation for her daughter's wedding and even goes to say to my hearing, aaah so mama Chidinma, my cousin, 'don' enter international flight to go for omugwo?.. And the list is endless. Not that I'm not happy for them but I don't know if my mum's intention is to pressurise me.
None of my sisters is married yet. She has taken us to numerous prayer houses, mountains, and she changes churches according to the one a seemingly prospering friend of hers is attending and will want us to join her. At a point, after listening to some of your updates and countless fasting. I decided to stop and remain in my home church Winners as every prayer pastor we visit, they tell us how we have abroad connection and how it's my ancestral lineage that is responsible for the delay in my job and sisters' marriage.
I am 27, and my elder sister is 28, plus my younger sister that is 23 in her final year in school. I don't know what to do ma, the painful part of it is that they keep telling my mum that her blessing will come from us and she can't stop talking about let us get married or get jobs so that she will leave her federal job and we will be giving her a portion of monthly income.
I know that I will take care of my mum because she really suffered for us when our father died mysteriously but the way she is going about it by asking us to go let any Tom, Dick and Harry that she feels is powerful to pray for us so that things will start moving according to her expectations is becoming unbearable to me, it looks as if I'm cursed but God forbid. I believe that God can do anything and he doesn't need me to fast to death or fall off the mountain we go for prayers or the constant kicks and blows I get during those rigorous deliverance sessions to help me or turn my situation around, because what kind of father suffers his kids like that to bless them? For something that is not my fault.
I try to live a Holy life, seek out opportunities and it seems like he forgot me. He has been faithful to us in these horrible years after my dad's death but I also want him to do something concerning my employment and marital destiny so I can at least have some peace from ridicule and my mom whose attitude sometimes speak more than words.
Please advise and pray for me. God bless you ma and thanks a lot.

If God can take care of the fishes in the ocean, the wild animals in the bush, and even the grasses in the desert, truly He can take care of human beings that he created in his own image and likeness and breath his life in us. 
I have an unwavering conviction that we're not serving a dead God, no, not at all, and we're not on earth by accident, so we don't need to allow the devil to flood our hearts with fear, desperation, tensions and worries. 
Instead, we will praise him in the storm, we will worship him even when things are not working according to our plans, we will rejoice even when we're down because our God will definitely lift us up and plant our feet on higher ground.
It's only normal for a mother to pray for her daughters to get married and build her own home. It's only normal for a mother to wish to see her children succeed in their life endeavours and to also receive a token of what their children can produce.
But you need not allow your mother's pressures and concerns to push you into doing something stupid or following her into dark corners in the name of seeking for deliverance. 
Please get hold of yourself and don't allow anyone to push you into seeking help from dead works and prayer contractors. I stand on the word of God to say that nobody is responsible for anything in your family and in your life except the devil and because the devil was defeated by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross of calvary, every set back, or obstacles or limitations or hindrances in your life and in your family has been crushed on calvary. 
Because Jesus reigns in glory, none of your siblings will remain with your mother but God will bless you and your sisters with godly husbands and prosper the works of your hands in Jesus name Amen. 
I will suggest that while you trust God for a great job, please consider acquiring skills and vocational training that you can convert into wealth so that you can meet your needs and also support your mother in your own little way. 
If there are other places that you can stay so that you can organise yourself, please consider it and at least save your head from the unnecessary information from your mother, then visit her as often as you can. 
Some ladies have decided to hide under social media and never leave their home, some have limited themselves to their church and their place of work, and they expect to meet their husbands who perhaps is working in a financial institution. 
They don't attend conferences, seminars and helpful workshops. They see it as a taboo to even relax in the beach or a garden or restaurants and enjoy life and be happy. 
But if a beautiful lady hides herself under the bushel of her fears and insecurities, how will she attract her own husband to herself? Read: How to Attract Your Own Man
You need to empower yourself with the right information, associate with the right people, and attend programmes that will enhance your perception of life, your productivity in life and your passion in life. Get busy with life because it's only when you are under the light, that others will identify with you. 
I pray that God will strengthen your heart and grant you the very desires of your heart in Jesus name Amen. 
By the way I won't fail to compliment your beauty because you're extremely beautiful and I'm certain that your husband will appreciate you much more than I do.

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