Sunday, July 10, 2016

Have I Said a Wrong Thing?

Good day Aunty Amara. I'm an ardent reader of your story and a big fan of your page and please I need your candid opinion on something that is bothering me a great deal.
I am 23, am in love with a guy am not sure has a plan for me. Well, I say so because he hardly shows he cares, no gift, no deep concern but so much sex. I have dated him for two years now and when we have issues, I do mostly all of the begging and apologizing just for peace to reign. I love him but am not sure if he loves me too cos of his actions towards me most times.
Presently am a week and few days late on my butterfly. Have spoken to him about it and he keeps assuring me that am okay. We even went for a test together and it's negative. The thing is it's not about being late, it's about seeing how concerned he is with the whole thing.
He acts as though am trying to push him into something he isn't ready for. Because I asked what his options are if am actually positive on that. He isn't replying my chats and I keep wondering why. Could it be I have said a wrong thing by asking what would become of me if I happen to be with something he is responsible for? I am very worried.

Please worry not, I mean it's in the Bible. For what a lady sow, she shall reap. Personally I feel pained when I read a mail from my supposed 'ardent reader' because I feel like I actually deceive some individual or I don't tell them the truth in a manner that they will learn and apply to their lives. (That's by the way) 
The true reality of your relationship is that you are the one dating this man while he's busy enjoying your vagina at your expense. 
If for example a man offends you as an individual and he still fails to at least acknowledge or apologise for his attitude or action, your decision to apologise for the so called peace to reign is never in your favour. It only makes you weak and vulnerable, and then makes him feel that you need him more than he needs you. That's where he begins to exploit your vulnerability. 
This is a simple law of power, oppress those who are weak but cherish what you need most. 
You beg him for love, beg him for attention, beg him for acceptance, beg him for appreciation, and when you are pregnant, of course you will carry it alone. 
Since you decided to date him and beg to be loved, kindly accept whatever comes with your decision. 
Just like you already know, we don't advocate for abortion because we believe in the sanctity of life. So since you decided to do what adults do, kindly prepare your heart to take the responsibility that comes with the pleasure of sex. 
Just for your information, a man who devotes most of his time in your vagina doesn't love you but loves your vagina, so anything that affects you is never his concern. 
Let's hope that it's not pregnancy but infection, but prepare your heart for whatever becomes the outcome.

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