Sunday, July 10, 2016

This Muslim Guy is Different from Others.

Good day ma, God bless you for the work you have been doing in many lives. Ma am having a challenge.
Am a christian but am in love with a muslim guy who has been disturbing me to meet my parents but am thinking of their reactions.
Ma I have met guys who are Christians but this Muslim guy is different, he is loving, caring etc., the only challenge I have is that he is a Muslim

Read I don't want to make mistakes and He's a Muslim and my Parents are Pastors.
These two counsels will guide you in making the best decision concerning your relationship. 
In all, I will always reiterate that spiritual compatibility cannot be compromised with when you are considering who to settle down with.


  1. Nne, nobody says that Muslims are bad, marriage means something different for Muslims and something different for christians

  2. If I see you leg in that marriage you are a gonner. How can you marry a Muslim? Tell him you won't marry a Muslim and see his reactions.or tell him if he loves you that much he should covert yo Christian. He may claim to love you now but remember they love to marry many wives.His motive is not love but to coveert you to islam and win a price in his state. Christian s shine you eye. Their agenda is to islamise the wold.

  3. Win a price because he married a Christian? God will have mercy and open our inner eyes. Islam is a religion of peace, we are peace lovers,we don't force people. Stop being bias,this is a public blog both religion writes in here and read all posts.

    1. Islam is a violent religion. They teach violence and are heartless.I advise u run far away from him. Go and watch that movie"Not without my daughter" then u will understand that it's not love.

  4. @ anonymous, religion of peace n brutal murder of non believers.

  5. The biggest enemy of Islam is the ignorant Muslim, whose ignorance leads him to intolerance, whose actions destroy the true image of Islam and when the people look at him they think Islam is what he is. Religion or no religion EVILS human do will always remain. Blame the people and not the religion.

  6. You call it only challenge? It's a major challenge. What kind of Christian is this?!! Which one would you be after the marriage? Where will your children belong? Will your son bear Musa or Moses?
    You want a confused life? Even if Christian brothers are bad come on, you can't opt for a Muslim please.
    A joint spiritual force in marriage cannot be compared to anything.
    When you are down spiritually what can he do yo lift you up? One shall chase a thousand, two will chase ten thousand... this is only possible if they agree.
    Can two walk together except they agree?

  7. Lol this comment am sure has make the confuse personel more confused


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