Sunday, July 10, 2016

Please Pray for Me.

Good evening ma, I just watched a repeat broadcast of an interview with you on channels television. Ma, I can't just stop crying for joy here. Oh! Thank you ma for writing that book. Thank you for speaking out. I cry for joy because I now know I am truly not alone. Ahhh! Am so shocked here because of the similarities between your story and mine. I sent you some messages before about my life, but couldn't tell you everything. I didn't know your ex was a pastor. I was also married to a pastor who dealt with me, a pastor who till date is seen like a saint. I got married to him a virgin, naïve, innocent, believed so much in him...... But he is something else.
Like you ma, I couldn't speak out for years, and even when I did, ooooh to my shock people(some) couldn't believe me, he went ahead till date to lie, used different mediums to convince some about his lies. Ma, till date he is working so hard to achieve his aim. Oh, many friends I thought I can run to for help, deserted me. I lost my self esteem, many times I thought about death.
Ma, thank you. God bless you. You are a message to me. I will laugh again, though it's tough for me, but seeing you like this today, I pray and trust God to smile on me again.

Ma, my paternal aunty was impregnated by him, I caught him on different occasions having sex with her, he threatened me and her(my small aunty). I made attempts to take her back home to an uncle, he begged me not to, his reason was that that will lead to his exposure. I couldn't tell anyone, I didn't know the right thing for me to do was to speak out. I was scared of what people will say about such a "a great man of God". I was so concerned about the negative effect it will have on people's faith, I kept hoping, praying that he will change, and that one of the reasons why I kept everything to myself.

He was fully into incest, having sexual relationship with his niece who was also with us. He was also having sexual relationship with some members of the church including two sisters who are related to me through my mum.
While he was doing all these, I was also physically tortured(beaten) by him... And after all that he will beg that I should forgive him, and I will follow him to church, smile with church members, lead praise worship, lead the choir....etc. For years and nobody knew I was dying.

I was in bondage, I was like a slave. I was used, he enriched himself greatly and was living big till date.
God helped me to realise myself through a family(an honourable member of the house of assembly in Porthacourt, Rivers state. They took me into their home, helped me back to my state of origin.

Ma, I went back to school and graduated the best from my department.
God helped me all through. I have two kids to take care of. I must be honest with you, so many times I feel like giving up..., but God has been faithful.
I need Him(God) more. Please ma, pray for me.

The same God who delivered you from the hands of the oppressive, captive, and wicked, shall favour you and restore your inheritance in him. 
It's never rosy starting all over again, taking care of your children alone, living in a society that will condemn you as though they are your God. But one truth is that if God has not condemned you, their opinion will never affect you. 
I am super excited and happy to hear your testimony. I felt your joy, freedom and divine peace as I read your mail. 
Thank God who rescued you and I believe God that you shall celebrate greater heights in your life in Jesus name Amen. 

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