Friday, July 22, 2016

How Do I End This Silly Malice.

Good morning ma,
I really want you to help me. I'm married to the love of my life, he has a good quality any woman will ask for, we dated for four years and last year January we got married. But I have to join him soon at where he based(NYC). But my hubby is a very jealous person and I know how he truly loves me.
But each time we have any disagreement, he will stop talking to me knowing fully well that we all going to feel bad about it. Just two days ago, he called me on phone as usual but I wasn't in a good mood so I wasn't speaking out loud, so he got angry. He tells me that he has always told me to never use such voice when he calls me because he always want to listen to my sweet voice, and later told me since I don't want to talk, he will have to save his credit then and I said okay.
I called him the next day throughout the whole day, he refused to answer my call. And now I want put stop to this his silly malice he always keep with me because he's always saying because I know he loves me so much that's why I do hurt him intentionally.

You are not without blame for his action or reaction to you. There are better ways to express disapproval over something but shrugging over the phone is actually disrespectful to the caller. You only gave him the impression that whatever he's saying isn't important to you and as such wouldn't border to communicate effectively with him.
If your partner offends you, you need to address the disagreements when he's comfortable, possibly when both of you are together. Expressing your disapproval by the way and manner you answered his call only showed that you don't even care about his feelings.
An apology will definitely help settle things for both of you. When he's back, both of you can resolve every other issues and concerns that you may have with him.
Instead of challenging him, I will suggest that you work on those things that trigger his weaknesses and minimise them so that you can help him to stand and avoid unnecessary frictions and tension in your marriage.

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