Friday, July 22, 2016

How Do I Manage my In-laws?

Thank you so much for your wonderful counselling. I live with my hubby in their family house, though everybody is on their own flat. His younger sister with her family packed in too and ever since then things are no longer the same.
What she and her children do are never an offence but any other person including me and my kids will face his anger if we do such. Even the tenants has started complaining about that but he will not see anything bad in what they do.
Each time I complain about anything, he will say that am not happy that his sister is staying in their father's house which is not true. Please advice me on how to live with them. I have tried to overlook it but each time any of the tenant complain to me, I always feel embarrassed.

Strive as much as you can to be at peace with everyone in your compound. You don't need to compare or analyse anything with his sister. It's none of your concern. Gather your children and guide them on the things that they must avoid so that there won't be any altercation with anyone.
When the tenants complain about anything, simply sympathise with them and forget about the comment. Don't get gossip partners because doing so will only reduce your integrity and respect in the compound.
If your husband decides not to act as the man or the leader of the house, you don't need to push him to do so, but ignore him and allow him to do as he pleases.

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