Sunday, July 31, 2016

How Do I Handle This Mess?

Good evening auntie Amara. I thank you once again for this forum that blesses my life and others. I refer you to my former mail to you concerning my close friend who we did NYSC together. Read: strange sex
She actually invited me over so we could discuss things, unknown to me she set me up to be maltreated.
We were at the restaurant when soldiers came to arrest me. I was so shocked because I never expected such, they beat me up, dragged me like a criminal on the way, tortured me so much, undressed me and asked the girl to take a snapshot of me, they snapped me and that was it. The girl and the sister were also videoing the whole drama.
I am in so much body pains. All my body aches me. There are bruises o, almost all my body. I have suffered greatly, this is a very painful experience. Ever since yesterday it occurred, I have been in deep depression and confusion.
Please ma, tell me how how to vet over this girl?? How do I handle this mess???? How do I move on. I am currently contemplating suicide because I really value her so much.

No matter whatever might have been her reasons to maltreat, abuse, and embarrass you, it's sincerely not the best approach to express her decision to you.
It's quite painful and devastating to receive this news and I feel that you should consider bidding her goodbye for good. 
A lady who could sponsor soldiers to beat you up, embarrass you, and at the same time snap and capture this with a video camera definitely is not the kind of a lady that you need in your life. 
This is the attributes of an abusive lady who has no respect or regards to your personality and emotions. 
I wouldn't know exactly what it is you are attracted to but I feel that you cannot continue this way. You are not so ugly that without this lady, you won't find another lady. 
You shouldn't allow anyone to push you into taking your own life or going straight to hell. If you take your life because of a lady who never loved you, what exactly have you achieved by taking your life? 
You deserve better than this mess you're experiencing with this lady, and there are greater exploits that you will achieve on earth than to allow a lady reduce you to a story and a memory. 
I am already praying for you and I trust that God will give you the grace and wisdom to flee from this lady that the devil has brought to destroy your life and destiny.


  1. It is okay to love a 'devil',but it is not okay to also marry him. Love is not enough. Receive sense!

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  2. Can you imagine, why are some ladies like this, I think you should go for test and be sure the lady does not have any disease, because I sense she is up to something, please move on with your life, block her on all your social media, please don't kill yourself, it not worth it, just keep calm,pray and trust GOD and everything will be fine, go for treatment and move on with your Life, please also forgive her and one day you will find love again, take care


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