Saturday, July 30, 2016

Not Comfortable with His Plan for Introduction.

Good morning ma, may the good Lord continue to bless and reward you abundantly in JESUS name Amen. Ma please I need your help. Am a lady of 29 years old, there's this guy I met on Facebook last year. We started talking, became friends at a point he asked me to visit him and I said no and he asked why I told him that am a lady that has rules that guides me. I told him that if he really wants to see me, he should come and see me first before inviting me over.
Since then he stopped calling and went back to his base, then January this year I meet this other guy through Facebook, he was so open, told about himself, his family and other relevant information and asked me to give some time that he's coming back on Christmas, even told me every of his movements like the day he went to pay for his flight ticket, he told me and asked me to choose the date I want him between 16, 17, 18 which I did.
Now ma my problem is that he hasn't said anything straight about marriage but he used to tell me our future house and how many children he wants us to have. Now this other guy called me and asked me how he can see me and I told him where I am, he came yesterday to see me. We discussed and he said he wants my hand in marriage which I told him to give me sometime to pray and think about it and he said he wants to meet my people by Sunday this week, that he's travelling by first week of August and I asked him to travel first and come back before seeing my parents, he refused that he wants to know his stand before travelling.
Ma please help out cos I don't want to make mistake in marriage. Thanks and more strength

Don't allow anyone to push you into making any hasty decision simply because he feels that you're more concerned about getting married to him. You must slow him down and let him know that marriage is not what you wake up and fix, there is a time to understudy your partner, pray, and prepare, before informing your family or inviting the world to celebrate with both of you.
Until you're convinced that he's the one that you desire to spend the rest of your life with, please don't present anyone to your family.


  1. Aunty Amara is at it again!!! You are a great counselor

  2. Lol am sure the second guy has gone to meet with pastor to ask if you are good for him that y. He's rushing but my dear take ur time,
    Watch the two closely and choose between them the one that best suit ur qualities for marriage

  3. Abroad husdand?, I smell rat in his approach. Have you heard of a situation where the guy rushed and got married to the girl, only for him to take her abroad, size her passport and force her into prostitution so she can pay him back all the money he spent on her. It's called marriage scam. I smell 419 marriage scam.

  4. I sense desperation for abroad guys on your part, it seems you are the one rushing them to get married to you and not the other round and they are equally taking advantage of your desperation, my dear if my assertion is true, then be careful so you don't end up regretting it.


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