Thursday, July 21, 2016

I'm Never Happy Attending His Church.

Good evening Mrs Amara, I really do appreciate all I see on your wall. Please I have something bordering me and I don't know how to go about it.
To be honest I really want to be every where with my husband, but this is eating me up.
I am never happy attending my husband's church (Christ Embassy), I attend because I want peace in my home, but whenever we have any quarrel I won't go to church until we have settled.
I don't feel happy all the time am in the church, I just wish I can return the hand of the clock and go back to my own church(Catholic). Have begged him to allow me go to my church but he refused. Now I can't really say I am devoted to the things of God.
What can I do my dear sister

This would have been avoided if you and your husband discussed about your spiritual compatibility before marriage. Now that you are married, I will only refer you to the word of God concerning your challenge and help you understand why you have no excuse not to be devoted to God and be submissive to your husband.
God ordained man to be the head, the spiritual leader of his home. The reason is because he wanted every man to emulate the lifestyle and the personality of Jesus Christ who loved his home, his church and his body so much that he died on the cross of the calvary to redeem, restore and revive the church. Ephesians 5 vs 25.
Every man no matter how disorganised he maybe have a divine task to sanctify, to satisfy, to secure and to provide shelter for his home and this is why you cannot succeed by rebelling against him.
No matter what reservations you may have against his place of worship, you can only dialogue with him and suggest other places where both of you can worship together but it is a sin to rebel against your husband because the very moment you accepted him as your husband, you gave him the spiritual leadership over your life. You made him your personal pastor, you made him your teacher, you made him your leader and you made him your companion.
So now that both of you have arrived at this point in your life, you need to enrich your life with the word of God. If you only worship God better when you go to a particular church, it's only an evidence that you don't have a personal encounter with God and as such have limited yourself to the place of worship instead of the God who you worship.
Take up the challenge and study the word of God for yourself using any devotional of your choice, each day read one chapter of the Bible and consistently and consciously attend Bible studies to sharpen your understanding and build your faith in the word of God.
When you have come to a better understanding of God's word, you will never struggle with where you worship him because we have one God, one faith and one trinity like you say in Catholic Church.
So please submit to your husband and work with him to grow up in your spiritual faith, so that you will be a blessing to your husband and a pastor to your children.
Time will fail me to give you some Bible quotations but it's too late to regret when both of you can grow together and build your faith in the word of God.


  1. My dear, ure not alone, I hv dat exact experience, it's nott a battle of words or rebellion, I hv decided to get on my knees. I dnt feel fulfilled attending his church, but I just go. Just connect to God d way you can

  2. Ma please does tribe matter in a relationship that is about leading to marriage. Am an urhobo girl but him Edo,they say Benin guys don't get married to any choice. Am confuse please help

    1. I will suggest that you don't listen to what 'they' say but listen more to who he is, his personality, his purpose and his plans for the relationship.
      If you are happy with him and he's happy with you, I don't see the reason why you should be worried.
      What matters most is that you are comfortable and happy with your partner whether he's from your village or from Malaysia.😍


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