Friday, July 15, 2016

My Mother Hates His Place of Worship.

Good evening aunty, please I need your advice. I am dating a guy who I love so much and I assumed he loves me too. We met during our university days, we were of the same denomination then  but all of a sudden he joined a particular denomination called church of Jesus Christ of the later day saint.
My problem now is that the guy came to see my parents last week, after making his intentions known to them, my mother suddenly changed towards me saying that over her dead body, that a man from such denomination cannot marry me. Please am really confused, help me because am in love with this man.

Loving a man is great but it's not just enough to throw caution in air and assume that you will be happy with him.
I know that there are some peculiar churches that have a unique doctrine and way of worship which is entirely different from what others practice.
There are some churches that though they proclaim to follow the lifestyle of Jesus Christ, some don't practice what is in the word of God.
And as such you need to do yourself a huge favour by carrying out some investigations about the church, ask yourself some genuine questions and weigh them with your current convictions.
If you are not comfortable with his place of worship or feel that you may struggle with adjusting to his church, it will be advisable for you to let go of the relationship and trust God for a man who shares the same convictions with you.
Spiritual compatibility is the most important bedrock that will strengthen your marriage because it determines your convictions, your confessions, and your attitude to others.
If after your investigations you are comfortable with his place of worship, then you may need to talk to an elder in your family or a pastor who your mother respects so that he can intervene on your behalf and plead for her support.

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