Saturday, July 30, 2016

Should I End Everything and Start Afresh?

I have an issue that has really been troubling me and I felt I should share and seek your wise counsel and that of your fans. I'm a lady in her late twenties, dating a man in his late 30s for about two years now. We used to reside in different states and I traveled to visit him from time to time. He resides in Abuja while I was in Bayelsa serving. 
I relocated to Abuja after NYSC and got a job. While I was away, he reconnected with his ex but he swore he never had anything serious with her and that she was the one his neck. I saw several pictures of them together on his phone and his chat with a lady who I think didn't fall for him. He kept telling me he'll never cheat on me and I noticed after a while that he no longer keeps his phone away from me whenever I visit. 
My cause of worry now is that he works some Saturdays and Sundays and we barely have hangout time. The last straw that broke the camel's back was that we agreed to hangout at the park on Sunday cos he told me he is off duty. I got to the park and waited for four hours, his phones were switched off and he didn't show up. The next thing he did was to call me at night and say he had an emergency at the office and had to report. Without even a text to let me know? He didn't sound remorseful. I felt hurt and I've decided not to talk to him again. I love him so much but I feel he is taking me for granted or perhaps keeping me beside him pending when he finds his "perfect match". I once told him last year that I needed closure but he kept pleading that I'm all he desires in a woman but his action says otherwise. He keeps asking me to come spend weekends with him but I stay with my eldest brother and his family and he wouldn't let me spend the night outside the house especially when they have never met him/he has never asked to meet them and I keep wondering if he has future plans for us(he says it but no actions). 
Aunty, I really need your advice, it's complicated and I feel I should just end everything now and start from the scratch even though its going to hurt. I want to feel loved too because it's like I'm making sacrifices and reaping nothing in return.

I see a man who is deceptive and manipulative in your mail. He seems very calm and always have something to say but the truth is that any man who is emotionally prepared for a relationship won't treat his partner like an object and toy with her emotions. 
He is not faithful to the relationship, he's not honest about his convictions and commitment to the relationship, he's not willing to give his heart and time to the relationship and to crown it all, you can't tell what your stand is in the relationship. 
Visiting him and giving him quality sex won't make him become committed to you, maybe you should have a heart to heart discussion with him and perhaps consider taking a walk just so that you can review the relationship and decide whether he's really what you want in a man and in a relationship. 
When you are the only one who gives everything to make your relationship work out, it's possible that you're dating a ghost and he's already building a relationship with another lady.
A confused man in his late thirties shouldn't be the kind of man you should invest your emotions on, to avoid wasting your time and losing your husband.

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