Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What Should Men do to Ease off Sexual Tension?

What about those women that lie down as a log of wood during lovemaking. They can't even turn their waist or show a slight sign that you are not raping her, what should men do to ease themselves?

I read this question from the comment section on the mail that talked about sex toys.
To be candid, some women are guilty of this act and I totally condemn such because men work twice as hard when their wives lie as a log of wood(Read : how to satisfy your husband in bed) and do absolutely nothing during sex.
But the good thing is that no matter the attitude or the disposition of a woman during sex, any man can achieve orgasm and satisfy himself with his wife, but for a woman to enjoy sex, it's more complex than just having a penetrative sex.
A lady may not be sexually aroused, but with the help of a lubricant, her husband can enjoy himself and achieve orgasm. A woman may not feel aroused looking at the nakedness of her husband but the sight of her nipples, and her waist will turn any man on for sexual intimacy and of course the rest will be history.
So the sexual mechanism and workability of males and females differ and the good news is that every man has the capacity and the ability to bring out the sex goddess in every lady.
Sometimes it's the societal pressures, religious beliefs, family upbringing and psychological challenges that inhibits the sexual prowess of a lady. So what most ladies yearn for is a patient man who will guide her through the acts and the skills in love making and you will discover that your wife can do much more than you perceived of her.
That she looks innocent and godly doesn't mean that she doesn't crave for hot sex, just that sometimes some men are selfish and insensitive to the little things that women need to get their sex groove on, you can read Ways to Enhance Her Sexual Desire
Once you are willing to pay attention to little details and secrets of her sexuality and sexual needs, you may be the one that will run away from sex with your wife.
So for men, it's pretty easier to help her, teach her, correct her and practice with her than it is for a lady to guide her man (really hard I must add), because of their fragile pride and ego which rubs off on every aspect of his sexuality.
Where you notice that your wife is not responsive, communicate with her and find out what may be her challenges or difficulties during sex. 
Some women do experience pains and torture which indirectly scares them away from sex. Some women may be under the influence of counteractive hormones that comes from the contraceptives which hinders her sexual appetite and make her not to desire sex. Some women may have some challenges or difficulties letting go of something that affected them in the past or something that is affecting her children or her marriage or her family. Some women also lost interest and desire in sex because of the way and the manner men jump on her body and devour her like a lion, no foreplay, no care, but penetrative sex and it doesn't matter whether she's enjoying sex or not as long as his crushing her vaginal walls and depositing his yoghurt hot cream in her body.
Communicating will help you understand the best way to approach her and help her overcome her difficulties and enjoy sex with you. 
If after communicating with her there's no visible change or difference in her attitude to sex, then you may involve a counsellor or a sex therapist to intervene. But in many cases, communicating with your wife will resolve most of her challenges towards sex and make sex pleasurable for both of you. 

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