Wednesday, July 20, 2016

When is the Best Time to Reveal Your Virginity Status?

Good day ma, God in is infinite goodness will continue to bless for the good works you are doing. Something  has been bothering me. I met someone who I still see as a friend though he's already talking about marriage but I chose not to be carried away cos a lot of ladies just lose it the moment they hear the word marriage and throw caution to the winds.
Am 34 years and still a virgin, my ex broke up as a result of no sex thing. Now this is question, this young man wants to know if am still a virgin, the truth is most times when I discuss with my male friends and the question comes up, I wave it and pretend am not one, for security purposes, but I always preach no sex until marriage.
So when my friend asked, I told him that it's not important he knows so he opened up and said he has never dated a virgin and he doesn't even like them cos he doesn't have the gut to face the herculean task and he was serious about that. My question is am really concerned about marrying a God fearing christian, but even some christian guys utter sometimes question the fact if truly he is a committed christian because its not about going to church or being active, but one's personal relationship with Christ.
Am considering to stop being friends with him since he told me that and I don't want him to know am still a virgin. And when do you think its best to open up to a guy about one's state cos most men will like to know. Thank you

Being a Christian is a lifestyle and not how committed you are in the church or how consistent you are with programmes in the church but the attitude, personal convictions and attitude to life and others.
The reason why some men don't like dating virgins is simply because they want to include sex in the routine of the relationship.
That not withstanding, if a man declares his intentions to you and feels that he's attracted to you, let the person know your values and convictions. Your virginity is your sacred gift to God and your husband. Pretending to be loose when you're a virgin isn't really in your best interest, rather you may end up scaring men who desire to marry a virgin away.
Letting a man know your virginity doesn't mean that you must have sex with him. It only puts the pressure of not yielding to sex out of your life and make it easier for him to decide whether to continue with the relationship by waiting for you or to move on with his life.
What's constant is that men who value virginity will appreciate you but those who don't will not appreciate your personality.
Be yourself, let your light shine, add value to life and make friends with those who share your values and convictions in life. Hopefully, God will favour you with your own husband.

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