Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Will I get a Man at All?

Good day Aunty Amara,
I am a lady of 30 years, and I have not been in a relationship for the past four years. I have been single and I honestly do not know why. In 2015, I was diagnosed with fibroid tumor, and since then I have visited many hospitals and even taken local herbs to make it shrink.
Now my challenge is that the fibroid is so big and I look like a pregnant woman. I look like I am six months pregnant, my doctor advised me to get married before I remove the fibroid so I can start trying for a baby immediately. Some doctors have even advised me to remove it and get someone to get me pregnant to avoid the fibroid growing back and risking two surgeries before I am married.
I sincerely do not want to be a single mom or be frustrated into settling for that option, but the problem now is that no guy asks me out because I look pregnant, and if I remove the fibroid without trying for a baby at least six months after the surgery, the fibroid will grow back.
Now my fear is this, no one in my family is married, my mother never got married and she is 69 years old, a faithful believer and true worshipper of God. All my cousins are single, no guy ever goes through with the process of making any one of us a wife. I am a born again Christian and I believe in miracles but sometime I lose faith and I am faced with two wrong options that I don’t know what to do.
If I go for a surgery will I get a serious man before the fibroid start growing back? If I don't, will I get a man at all?
Please help me post this because I am desperately in need of some advice and encouragement.

Even when it doesn't make sense to believe God, I still choose to believe him because I will lose nothing believing him.
After reading your mail, I was cold and at same time weak because I know that you earnestly yearn for a heart to love, but in all I still believe that God is able to do anything to the glory of his name.
I know that doctors have given you their suggestions but I also know that God's authority supersedes the knowledge of doctors.
I will suggest that go for the removal of the fibroid to save your life first. After removing the fibroid, we will then trust that God will give you the man of your heart desire.
Though there's every possibility that fibroid may grow back after operation, it doesn't apply to all ladies nor will it grow so fast that you must go for a surgery within six months of your first surgery.
Be positive, be hopeful and surrender everything to God. Consider changing your environment and engaging in something productive or humanitarian services that will expose you to reaching out to the needy and networking with others.
Staying in one position and praying for husband will not yield good result but when you pray, apply your faith in your life and leave the rest to God, he will definitely not forsake you.
Because you believe in the word of God, I believe that God will reward you with your own husband in Jesus name Amen.


  1. You need deliverance and prayer.

  2. You need deliverance and prayer.

  3. My dear,you need to go for the surgery before it calcifies & turns into something serious that will make the doctors to even remove your womb during the surgery. If it gets to that extend,it will bleed heavily during the surgery & that will lead to the removal of your womb & no man will ever believe your womb was removed due to fibroid. Please save your life first then believe God for your husband. It's well with your soul.

  4. I'm short of words. People are suffering oo. My dear receive strength in Jesus name. You are really between the devil and the deep blue sea. May God give you wisdom.

  5. Fibroid is not evil,never believe it will grow back,am talking from experience.No man will come after an "ugly" looking lady.A friend got married Five years after her fibroid surgery.

  6. You need to seek prayers and deliverance. It's clear that their is a trend and you need to separate yourself from the trend. Please consider the option of surgery immediately.


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