Sunday, August 21, 2016

Don't Want to Make Mistake in Choosing a Life Partner.

Good morning ma, please ma am very confused here, help me please.. There is this guy who is asking for my hand in marriage, his family recommended him to me cause the family is a family friend but I don't know the guy because he stays outside the country.
He came back last month and proposed to me and I told him
to give me time to think about it, but he said that he will be going in the next four months and want us to do our traditional marriage before he goes.

Ma, this guy is not giving me time to think about this.. He used to be married to a white woman to get a permit and they have divorced after the agreement. My parents and his family are not helping matters here, saying that you can't know a person's character.
Now they are disturbing to come for the bride prize, and my parents have been convincing me to go on with it, but I don't really have feelings for him and his Christian life is zero cause he hardly attends church, and he's 37 years and am 22 years, and I don't like the age difference but my parents are saying that age doesn't matter.
I have been praying to God to direct me, am still a university undergraduate, 200L to be precise.
Ma, please I need your advice. I don't want to make mistake in choosing a life partner.

You don't need to pray for this one, the simple truth is that your family and his family are looking for ways to compensate each other for whatever business or personal interest they share, and you are the tool in their hands.
Please do not allow anyone, pardon my word but I meant to say anyone, including your parents to push you into getting married to a man who you do not know, a man who you can't relate to, a man who is not your friend, a man who is imposed on you for all the good reasons, and a man who you are not comfortable with.
Marriage is your personal journey with God and your husband, and you need all the time that is available for you to prepare yourself,  and choose the partner that your heart is comfortable with.
Please don't venture into this when your heart is not in it because you will struggle to continue with the marriage, and will end up doing everything possible to please your parents while you suffer emotionally and psychologically.
If they insist, please humbly resist such attempts because it is not in your best interest rather it's for their own selfish purpose.
Getting married to a man who lives and works in a foreign country is not the greatest achievement for any lady, being married to your companion, and happy with your family is what matters most.


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  2. God bless you ma for this great piece of advice

  3. Michelle terri. May God not allow any body fall in to this ur 419.

  4. Tell all of them bluntly to GIVE YOU TIME to decide, you will not be a victim of wrong patner

  5. You are on the right age to decide for yourself. You cannot marry someone just because your family told you to do so. If you agree on this, your life maybe miserable because of the wrong decisions you made. Finish your school, get a decent career and who knows you might find the right one and not just someone who write your papers for money.


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