Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Parents is Against Wedding in Anglican Church.

Good day Aunty Amara, does religion really matters in terms of marriage. Am a Catholic and the man that wants to marry me is an Anglican, and he wants us to wed in Anglican.
For me, I don't see a problem with that, but my parents is against
it, insisting that we must wed in Catholic, that he is a renowned person in the church and wouldn't want to attract any query or fund from the church or from the parish priest.
Aunty please what's your advice on this.

I understand that in the interest of peace some individuals insist on doing what is wrong and imposing an inappropriate authority on new couple. 
Once the man has paid the bride prize and fulfilled all the traditional and custom requirements for his bride, he and his wife have the sole right and obligation to decide the church of their choice, and how they wish to wed each other. The moment parents accepted the man and his gift, and they've released their daughter to his care, the truth is that they ought to give them the freedom to decide where they wish to wed without interfering or imposing their own selfish interest on their children. 
Well considering your mail, since your parents wish to protect their position in the church, and avoid any query or fund from the church or from the parish priest, and not  your happiness and peace of mind, I will suggest that you plead with your husband to consider wedding in your parents church, after which both of you can worship in his own church. 
You should know that your husband is the spiritual authority of your marriage, and not your parents, parish priest, pastor, prophet or any preacher, and you need to respect his decision concerning the place of worship. Where you are not comfortable with his decision, both of you can discuss and renegotiate for a church that both of you are comfortable with.
But with regards to your parent's demand, please plead with your husband and if he doesn't accept that, you will have no option but to let your parents know his decision and decide whether to continue with him or return to your family.

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  1. This is one small serious issue....parents and selfish interest!!! I tire oooo


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