Sunday, August 21, 2016

Which Type of Wedding is Acceptable by God?

Aunty Amara good day.. Please am confused about something, which type of marriage does God recognise, is it the traditional one, or the court one, or the church wedding. I have noticed that in Nigeria today, intending couples, especially Christians, are going through fire and rain to appease
all the three institutions mentioned above, before they are considered married. Is this not doing triple marriage?
So I ask which one is accepted by God as the real one, outside which God will consider such a union unholy. Must Christians be forced to appease traditional people in the villages, who are just there to milk them of their resources without caring how the marriage survives later, even when some churches have made it clear to their congregation that they (church) do not recognise traditional marriage but only church wedding, yet they impose the same traditional marriage on the intending couples as a requirement to qualify for the church wedding. Is this not hypocrisy?

The most important wedding ceremony, accepted by God and acknowledged by the church is the traditional wedding. 
One of the significance of traditional wedding is the payment of the bride prize. This is what empowers any lady to live with a man as husband and wife. 
If the bride prize is not paid, no church is meant to wed such an individual because it implies that her family didn't release her officially to her husband to be joined to him as his wife. 
If the bride prize is not paid, she doesn't have the capacity to be addressed as a wife or be treated as part of the man's family, instead she will be treated like a concubine or a prostitute. 
When the traditional requirements have been fulfilled, which is very very important, the partner can decide whether to go for church wedding ceremony or the blessing of marriage. 
The significance of church wedding is the issuance of the marriage certificate which is given by the government to every married couple. 
There are churches that have the exclusive right or permission to issue marriage certificate to wedded couples and what those churches do is that they partner with the customary court so that they will provide the wedding certificate to the church and the church will issue the same to the couple. 
By so doing, there won't be any need for the couple to go for a separate court wedding and then go for church wedding. 
In a scenario where the partners doesn't have enough resources for church wedding, they can go for the court wedding and bless their marriage in the church. 
There's no law that stipulates that every partner must go for the three wedding ceremonies before he or she is accepted as married. 

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