Sunday, August 28, 2016

From Hopelessness to Jubilation!

You may recall the mail of a lady who was eight and half months pregnant and was starved of food and good health care. Read »» I Feel Helpless and Hopeless
Some of you selflessly decided to sow into her life,
and went the extra mile to give even when you never knew her.
I am glad to announce to you that she has safely put to bed a bouncing baby boy.

Here is her message,

"Happy Sunday ma,
I just put to bed a healthy baby boy at 12 am this morning
I thank Jesus He has done it again
I delivered safely with no complications"

Congratulations to her and thank God for a safe delivery.

My heart rejoice that your prayers, your support, your financial sacrifice, and your counsel gave this lady hope when she felt that dying was the best option. 
You may not know what you did but I am deeply convinced that your labour of love in the life of this lady will never go unrewarded. 
I personally pray that God who saw your good intentions towards this lady will reward you with unlimited favour and prosperity in Jesus name Amen.

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