Monday, August 29, 2016

God is a Way Maker!

Hello Amara, God bless you more for the good works you are doing. I want to share my testimony and encourage someone out there who is about to give up. GOD IS A WAY MAKER.....HE maketh a way where there seems to be no way.

I graduated in 2011 with a 2:1, finished service in 2013 and took up a teaching job in a nearby private primary school where I earned 10,000 monthly. With this money, I could make my hair, recharge my phone and buy toiletries ( I live with my parents so, I was fed and had a roof over my head). I taught there for a term after which I got another one around my street and the pay was N15,000. Again, I left at the end of the term.

Same year, I worked as a front desk officer, a store keeper and a waitress (simultaneously)in a hotel, the pay was N45,000. As a storekeeper, I worked 7am to 7pm daily, and had Sundays off. The transport fare was about N700 to and fro. In order to cut cost, I slept in the store at nights, go home after work on Saturdays, resume on Monday and live in the store through the week till Saturday when I go home and the circle continued.
In that store, there were crates of drinks, foodstuff, toiletries, deep freezer (we called cold room) for frozen foods, and every other item used in running a hotel. I had my clothes neatly tucked away in a polythene in a corner and at nights, I collect old duvets from the laundry to sleep in. Rats were my 'room mates '. I did this job for six months and left. (we were already in 2014)
After a month, I took up a marketing job. Some months I earned N1,000, other months I was paid N400. I resigned after seven months.

At this point, I got fed up. No relationship, no good job, no income, bored, and I was scared of being broke. I am the type of person who likes to be independent. Right from the time I started my youth service up until now, I never asked my parents for financial assistance. These jobs I did, I did because I'll get to meet new people, make friends and earn something for upkeep no matter how small.

So, at this juncture, I lost all hope. I was not getting invitations for interviews, I did not want to continue doing menial jobs... I had done enough already...... I was totally clueless.
I even almost got married......Thank God it didn't happen.

So, I went into prayers( I had to make myself useful somehow) and with each passing day, I felt more peace and less worry. Every morning when awake and tempted to cry, I'll just sing amidst tears. I had collections of gospel songs....Kirk Franklin was and is God sent. My favourite song was 'I Smile'.

Those mornings when I wake and begin to think how my mates were already at work and here I am with no plan for the day, I'll quickly chastise myself and go into prayers. I'd always believe that worry steals peace of mind and undermines God's goodness to oneself.

So, I prayed more, sang more, fasted more and they became a way of life. I let go of all the hurt from failed relationships, forgave completely I surrendered to God. I believed He will make old things anew. And He did.

A classmate from university introduced me to a man whom she said was looking for a wife, and we met after series of communication. We could not date due to individual differences but he offered to help me get a job ( he worked in a bank). Like play like play , he submitted my CV to the management and I was called for aptitude test followed by an interview, then medicals and documentation. I have been with the bank for over a year now, and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. I'm also going for my MBA( I've always wanted to do it with my money).

I want that person who is going through trying times to worship God in truth and in spirit because HE never sleeps, He never slumbers, He never tires of hearing our prayers, when we are weak, He makes us stronger..... so rest on his words and cast all of your fears on HIM

Because his word is alive in you, I pray that God will give you your own husband in Jesus name Amen.
Thank God who changed your story with this amazing testimony, and I pray that God will establish you in all your endeavours in Jesus name Amen.


  1. Hahahahahah.... I have seriously been thinking and wondering - HOW DO ATHEISTS SURVIVE THIS WORLD? HOW DO THEY COPE? #Quick‬Downloads™101‪

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  3. Ummh this story is close to mine just that I dint started with that amount, I was earning 45-67k for 3 yrs now. But I keep praying to God,with faith and preserverance I started earning much more that what I can spend cuz am not used to that kind of amount, I save over 80% of it cuz I have noting to use it for it is unexpected, just can't stop thanking seriously looking for a charitable organisation I can join.


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