Thursday, August 11, 2016

How Do I Know if He's Sexually Active?

I've been in a relationship for one year and counting. In all, God has been faithful, he has been so sweet, caring, loving and everything I desire in a man.

But the issue is this, how do I know if he's sexually active/potent since we have vowed to 'unveil ourselves on our wedding night'.
Please advice me on how to ascertain if he can actually 'perform'.

Every lady who desires to have children of her own is also hopeful that she won't experience any sexual impediments on the part of her partner, so your concerns and fears are valid and genuine. 
The simple rule of thumb is to observe his emotions and the response of his body whenever you are around him. 
Every man who is attracted to a lady, no matter how spiritual or otherwise he may be, his body will definitely react or respond to your presence. 
You will notice that his penis maybe struggling to tear the clothes in search of the signals. This is a perfect evidence that your partner will always desire you and that his penis will definitely rise up to the occasion when the time is right. 
Secondly, medicine have made everything simple and easier for you, that both of you can go for medical check up, and examine the quality of his sperm, whether he's potent and can perform too. 
You don't necessarily need to have sex with a man to know how potent he is because performance and potency is not the same. 
What determines potency is the quality of his sperm, but what determines performance is how he's able to use his penis to strike the right cords in your vagina in such a manner that makes you sing those songs that only you and your husband can interpret.. Lol 
So don't be worried or afraid, but pay attention to how attracted you're to him, and before wedding both of you may go for medical check-up and confirm that.

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