Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Lady Broke His Head in the Process.

Beautiful day to a beautiful soul, may you remain blessed ma.
I have been dating a guy for a year and six months now, our quarrels has always been that he's suspecting am cheating, he also give me this responsible look, and talk so much about the Bible, even when I suspect him, he will end up saying I think he's doing what am doing, he said his nakedness is divine so he doesn't sleep around.

I just got into Lagos yesterday evening cos he insisted I spend my holidays with him and just this morning, a lady came to the house claiming to be his girlfriend which he didn't deny, the lady said he told her he would be travelling to Kano yesterday but that she didn't believe him, that's why she came to the house this morning to clear her doubt and that they have been dating for a year now.
She said she was the one that washed the apartment cos he just moved in on Monday. One talk led to another and they started fighting right in front of me.
The lady broke his head in the process, not that am confused on what to do or to leave the relationship but I just need an advice from you. I want to go to my brother's place cos he also stays in Lagos but I don't have any money on me nor my ATM card to make withdrawal, am still in his house though the lady has left already and he has been hiding from me in the room....Thanks.

Comfort him and encourage him to treat the wound on his head. Then both of you can discuss about what happened, probe into who the lady is, why she fought with him and what they've been doing together.
Don't criticise, don't judge, don't mock but only listen and ask for more clarifications to what you saw. Pretend that you didn't know what was going on, and then ask him to help you understand all the drama.
After having a heart to heart discussion with him, you can then ask him for some transport fare to visit your brother so that you can give him some space and time to reorganise himself.
If he insists that you must stay, remind him that it's not safe for you as the lady may attack you, but that both of you will talk about the future of the relationship when he's healthy.


  1. U left home with out vex money? Nawa for u as aunty Amara said, look for Any means to leave dat house. Another girl clean house for ur arrival.#how sad#

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  3. For nw, that house is unsafe for you. Thank God that u have an alternative place to stay in Lag. After listening to him as advisd by AVL, Pls don't beg or insist that he gives u transport fare & don't accept staying there.. Look for a way & leave for ur own securityooo. But Na wa for you big sis, no extra cash on you..


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