Thursday, August 11, 2016

Is Marriage an Achievement?

Good afternoon ma, please I want to ask a question. Is marriage an achievement?

Marriage is not an achievement in life, unlike the certificates one acquire after fulfilling the requirements that such certificate demands or the things that money can buy. 
Marriage is a sacred journey, a divine and deep covenant with God with so many responsibilities and benefits. 
It's an all encompassing institution where everything that humanity represents is tried and tested. 
In marriage, your faith, your maturity, your capacity, your mentality, your character, your personality, and your convictions is put to test by life experiences and uncertainties. 
Sometimes they come in various ways, manners and kind but the ultimate goal of marriage is to raise a church that is spotless, seeds that will please God and continue with the vision of the family, and also be the hope of the society. 
Marriage is not for those who have money, it's not for those who are old, it's not for babies, it's not for those who have the urge for sex alone, it's not for those who are beautiful or gorgeous, it's not for those who knows it all, it's not for those who are perfect, and it's not for those who want to attain social or societal status. 
Rather it's for those who wish to humble themselves in obedience to God's word and then walk with God in all their endeavours. 
Because they understand the sanctity and the sacredness of this journey, they are not in a hurry to marry anyone knowing that they will live with their choice. 
They are willing to lay down their lives, submit to one another and support each other in all their endeavours. They don't expose the nakedness of their partners or find reasons to abuse, torture or crush their partner knowing that they're accountable to God who ordained marriage for the good of humanity. 
Marriage is for those who wish to understand the divine meaning of love, and give his/her all for the family, even when he/she has nothing else in his/her pocket. 
So when others push you to get married, or sing songs of wedding jungles, remind yourself that marriage is not an achievement. 
It's more than life itself and it's the greatest journey of humanity in life.

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