Thursday, August 11, 2016

Is This Enough Reason to Call Off Engagement?

Good day sister Amara, I must commend you for your unrelenting efforts towards making our relationship a better one. Am 30 in a relationship with a 32 years old guy but I have a problem.

We stay in different states, he is a civil servant and am a banker, my guy has this habit of keeping late nights and am not comfortable with it, have tried talking to him about it and he will always promise to change and though he complains a lot about boredom, that's why he stays out late.
I really don't like night life and our relationship is about moving to the next level but am confused, is this enough reason to call off engagement, should I ignore him, do you think he will stop it? Please advice me.

Whatever you cannot cope with for the rest of your life, please don't manage it in your relationship or ignore it, because after wedding the story may not be the same.
Night life comes with its own peculiarities and attributes. Individuals who enjoy night life have higher probability of cheating on their partners because prostitutes operate more at night than in the day.
Individuals who stay late at night have a greater possibility of mingling with wrong kind of individuals, drinking and partying, and possibility of being exposed to smoking and any other form of harmful substances.
Though not everyone who stay late at night may indulge in these things, it is safer to go for a man who wouldn't give you many reasons to be worried and troubled because of his lifestyle.
So if you can't cope with a man who stays late at night, please don't hope that he will change after wedding. And whatever has the potential to make you feel unstable and uncomfortable in your relationship is enough reason to terminate the relationship.

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