Thursday, August 11, 2016

Why do Some Married Men Love Looking at other Lady's Buttocks?

Good morning ma, thanks a lot for all the advises you have been rendering, I have gained a lot from this forum. Please ma why do
some married men love looking at other lady's buttocks?
Have noticed that with my husband and anytime I asked him directly or indirectly he turns it to a fight

The breast and the buttocks are the mumu button of some men and they always fantasise about having such a massive endowment on their laps and dissecting it with their own penis. 
For a married man who is always looking at the buttocks of other ladies especially when he's with his wife, he may either be flirting or fantasising about such buttocks or he maybe sending some subtle message that will guide you in packaging your buttocks in a manner that will entice him. 
The real thing is not how big or small or elevated or flat that your buttocks is, but how you package it for your husband in such a manner that even if he's lost, he'll always identify your buttocks and run back home to have a feel of it. 
You can even give him a lap dance, and take charge of your bedroom in such a manner that he will have a three dimensional view of your buttocks and feel them to his satisfaction. 
Reverse cowgirl position, reverse missionary position and doggy position are great position to showcase your buttocks and save yourself from so much fights and observation. 
Some men can't just help but look, so when you observe such, you can even talk about the buttocks so that he will also know that you spotted what he's observing.. Lol 
No need to give him a query for looking when you can talk about it immediately and forget about it or perhaps ignore him and work on your bedroom.

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