Friday, August 12, 2016

Will He be Able to Take Care of Me in Future?

Aunty Amara good evening ma, this platform you created has been a blessing to me.. God will bless you and your family.
Ma I meet a guy through online last year, we became good friends, we share ideas together and pray together ..

Early this year we started having feelings for each other but we prayed about it for confirmation. We based in different states but I travelled to the east which he equally did. It was a great privilege for both of us to meet our families.
He met my mum and I met his mum too, his mum told me that she has heard about me . We're both in love but my challenge is that since we started this relationship, kobo is yet to be dropped from his pocket for me, he kept on praising me to be patient and enduring woman, that things are very hard for him now that I should be patient with him, that it is not in his attitude not to take care of his lady....
Ma am losing the patience, he is planning on engaging me next month... Ma am scared if this guy will be able to take care of me in future.. I don't want a stingy man in my life, because am not stingy..... Please ma your advice will do me good.

Well if ever since both of you started communicating with each other, he hasn't recharged your phone, bought you any gift or shown any concerns about your wellbeing or challenges or daily endeavours as an individual, maybe you should open up and find out if that's truly his personality.
Just to avoid making assumptions when you don't necessarily know him pretty well. And since he has been pleading for patience, perhaps he has plans to make it a big surprise, however you can remind him that you prefer little cares and attention to big surprises that may never see the light of the day.
In all, observe, pray and also communicate with him so that you can understand his personality better and decide whether he's good enough for you or not.

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