Friday, August 12, 2016

Was I Disvirgined by Him?

Please ma I want to thank you for the good work you are doing, may the good Lord bless you. Ma please I have a question that is bothering me.
When I was eleven years old we had a neighbour that gave birth to a son older than me with one year, so one day the guy suggested we do what his parents normally do that is have sex,
I didn't know what it was then because my mum never taught us sex education, even up till now she sees the discussion as a no go area.
He tried having sex with me but he never penetrated, I just felt a sharp pain but was gone instantly and I can still remember vividly there was no sign of blood.
My question now is, was I disvirgined that day? After I got a little education on it by a friend, I made a vow to God that I won't have sex till am married. It's been ten years after that incident and I have never had sex till date, please I have such memory that it's difficult to forget things. I can still remember things that happened since I was six years old and this memory is one of the memories that is ingrained in my memory that has been disturbing me for the past two years. Please I would appreciate if you respond to me.

The penis of a twelve years old boy may not be long enough to penetrate beyond the hymen depending on the length of his penis and what exactly he did when he climbed on top of you.
Most times, corrupt small boys hit their penis on the clitoris thinking that it's the vaginal opening, but they don't get to the vaginal opening.
However if he got into the vaginal opening and his penis was erect during the time, there's every possibility that he might tamper with the integrity of the hymen.
The best way to ascertain the true state of your vagina is either by self examination, where you place a mirror on the floor and observe your vagina or visit the gynaecologist who will examine your vagina and tell you the exact state of your vagina.
There's every chances that you are a virgin and whatever he did never got to your hymen. You shouldn't be worried or disturbed about this because you never knew what he was doing in your body then.
All you should do is preserve yourself for your husband and let your husband know what happened when you were little.
You're fine, healthy and spotless, so don't be worried okay.

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