Friday, August 12, 2016

I Feel Helpless and Hopeless.

Good morning ma, please help me, I'm eight and half months pregnant. Been having signs of labour and my husband beat me so badly this morning just because I asked him for N1000 to prepare a pot of soup.

He gave me N300 to use for feeding till he comes back from work. He comes home very late, by that time I usually feel very hungry and shaky because my unborn baby seems to be collecting nutrients from me, this I told my husband but he said I'm giving headache because of our pregnancy.
Last night he came home by 12 am, but they close at work by 6pm. I drank garri before he came back. So this morning I stood on his way to work and insisted that he give me N1000 for a pot of soup but he threatened to push me if I don't get out of his sight, and I told him that if that was how his father treated his mother, will she give birth to eight of them? And would she still be alive?.
The next thing he hit me, held my neck and started punching me. I couldn't even find my voice to shout, I just kept receiving, praying that I make heaven if I don't survive this. He has not bought any of the baby things that I need and I'm almost due for delivery. He stopped me from working before we got married traditionally.
When I was pregnant with my first baby boy he hit me too, and did the same thing when I just got pregnant with this present baby. Whenever I cry to my dad for help he starts shouting at me, after all he did the same thing to my mother before she left him so he's not even the person to run to. I feel helpless and hopeless.
Maybe I should just leave this world for everybody to rest and stopping bugging my family with my problems but the thought of my son and unborn baby wouldn't let me. Sorry for the long write up and incorrect words because my eyes are covered with tears and my body aches badly. I missed my antenatal for this week because I have no money with me. Thank you ma and God bless you

Please I will suggest that you leave that house as soon as possible, you have a mother, you have siblings, friends or even church members that you can put up with temporarily so that you can put to bed and take good care of your baby. 
You need peace of mind, good nutrition, healthy body and a happy soul, so that you can prepare for the arrival of your baby, and avoid any manner of complications and challenge during delivery. 
To imagine that a sane man will raise his hands on a pregnant woman, is really really terrible of the kind and crop of men who ventures into marriage without adequately preparing themselves for it.
I pray that you shall deliver safely and without any complications. But please don't sacrifice your life in the name of marriage, your son and your unborn child needs you so so much.

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