Sunday, August 7, 2016

How Long Should I Wait to Resume Breast-related Foreplay?

Good evening ma
I just weaned my baby last month and want to know how long before I and my husband can resume breast-related foreplay
without milk coming out. Especially because my husband is a breast person. Lol
How do I know that the milk is totally dried and that sucking foreplay will not produce milk.

The good thing is that you have weaned your baby and your body is trying to readjust to how it was before breastfeeding. 
There's no particular time that you may have to wait before engaging in breast related foreplay because if your husband suckles the breast for a long time, there's every tendency that he may discover the milk that he's longing for. 
What I mean is that any suckling activities has the tendency to trigger the hormones responsible for breastfeeding to secret milk for your loving husband. 
So why worry when both of you can enjoy the fun of foreplay, whether your breast produces milk or not. 

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