Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I Feel Chained, Caged, and Wish I never Knew Him

Good morning Aunty, thanks for making yourself so available for the selfless service to humanity. Ma, am typing this message to you in tears. I wish I never took those steps. I already told you about my mistakes some years ago( that I went into a relationship with a Muslim guy, had two issues for him, through diabolical means of which he confessed to me, when I wanted out of the relationship.)

Ma, he's not still taking his life serious and he wouldn't want me to leave him. Though I don't love him but am willing to sacrifice my happiness for the sake of my kids because I can't imagine another woman bringing up my children. God helped me, I finished my national diploma, got employed also got an apartment without stress and I've been begging him to come to the city so we could secure anything tangible for him to do but he wouldn't come. He's an O'level by qualification and my family tried for him to further last year but he showed no interest at all, and each time I tell him that I wanted out, he'd threaten my life.
Ma, am tired I don't know what to do anymore. I and my family have been the one taking responsibility for the children. My little child is of age to start school and when I told the father, his response got me soaked in tears and regrets. Ma, please speak life into me, am not free as a lady, a lot of prospective suitors have been coming my way but I wouldn't dare to take them serious. I feel chained, I caged I wish I never knew him. Ma, I don't where to start this.

If training your children is your reason to be in an abusive and dysfunctional marriage, I feel that you have a better alternative to that because you can take good care of your children without living in the same house with him. 
All you need is to have an agreement with him, your family and his family and then take your children with you. 
Any man who threatens your life shouldn't be part of your life because life is a sacred gift.
If already your family are the one taking care of his responsibility, and he's making you shed tears, I feel that you may need to consider separation so that you can evaluate your marriage and decide on what's best for you and your children.

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