Thursday, August 11, 2016

Is it Not Too Early for Sex-Chat?

Hello ma, is it ideal for a man/date to keep pestering his lady with sex chat even when he is aware the lady has chosen to abstain from sex and romance? 
We are officially dating for just one week now, he has agreed that since am abstaining, he will wait till we get married.
But I don't have a single peace of mind since then. He is always sex chatting me. How he wants to dig me so hard, how he wants to lick me up, bury his dick in my pussy etc. And this is the same guy that has agreed willingly to stay off sex since that is my decision. Even when I rebuke, shout, caution, remind, advice and ignore him; he will apologise but in the next two seconds he will repeat same thing all over again. 
On Sunday night, he told me he wants to have sex with me on Tuesday(because he will be out of town on Monday), when I showed my disappointment, he apologised. (from our dialogue; I feel he won't mind to rape). 
Yesterday, I asked him why he hasn't eaten anything since morning, and he said it's because he was digging. What are you digging? He said he is digging my pussy! #What! I reminded him that he promised never to use or channel our conversation to sex. He said I should enjoy the conversation and stop acting like a saint.
My question is: Is it not early for such conversation with a lady you just met in one week? Being that we had an agreement to abstain, should he be introducing sex chats with me? What kind of guy could he be?( I see him as a guy that can't control the amount of blood pumping to his Penis). Could the saying that "what you are is what you attract" apply here?? (I don't believe that because I am not wayward neither do I engage in immoral talks, act or gathering). 
Though he says he wants to settle down with me in few months time, I don't want the thought of travelling abroad to becloud my judgement. I plan to sit with him this weekend and tell him I want out of the relationship because I desire a man that will help me grow in my walk with Christ. I don't want to battle with sexual feelings in a relationship.
Am I making an irrational decision? Is it too early to end the relationship? Will he change? 
Thank you for your help!

A man who is always talking about sex, how to dig deep, bury his dirty penis in your vagina, and how he's dreaming of how to make digging deep his lifetime hobby, is actually not in love with you but he's only waiting for the best opportunity to rape or force himself on you. 
He's lusting after your body and is only dating you because he want to have a feel of your body as soon as possible. If you mistakenly allow such, that's when you will realise that all he said, promised and proposed was not from his heart but from his penis. 
Partners can talk about sex and understand their sexuality to enable them understand their personality and perception of sex, but a partner who is constantly sex chatting is definitely not in love with you. 
To imagine that seven days of meeting up with you and expressing his intentions to date you, all he's talking about is sex and how to have sex with you, only shows that he's not emotionally, mentally and psychologically mature for an enduring relationship. 
He only talks to you as though you're a prostitute and all he sees around you is sex, and sex, and sex. He doesn't even care to know who this lady is, what her vision and plans are, what she hopes to achieve in life, her personal relationship with God, her challenges or limitations, how to support her, even tell you about himself and be as explicit as possible, and all about himself in all sincerity. You need no prophet to tell you that you are hanging out with a potential disaster. 
Relationships take time to groom and nurture, and if you are interested in reaping the dividends of a prosperous marriage, please do not ignore sensitive shortcomings like this. Get it right now and enjoy your marriage, travelling abroad, giving you everything you need, or impressing you with his properties is actually not the most important thing to look out for in your partner, his personality, his personal relationship with God, his purpose, and his passion in life matters more than all those things. 
I will suggest that you don't date an individual who doesn't share the same convictions and vision with you, because there will always be a clash of interest and purpose in the relationship.


  1. Flee from such a man. I don't even think there's need for you to sit down to discuss it but if u must do so, never let it be in a secluded place or in a room, choose an eatery or some place open where there a lots of people. This guy is disrespectful to you and does not value you as a woman. Be careful

  2. No my dear! You are not making an irrational decision. You deserve better

  3. No my dear! You are not making an irrational decision. You deserve better


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