Thursday, August 11, 2016

She's Really Getting on my Nerves.

Good morning ma. May God bless you for helping others. Ma I need your advice on this issue, I got engaged in February to be married soon(in December) , so when it happened all my friends knew including my colleagues at work.

There's this girl I noticed in my department that has refused to talk to me for no reason ever since I got engaged. I even went to talk to her, that I have observed that she no longer talk to me and it's since I got engaged, her response was that nothing that we aren't quarrelling even other of my colleagues noticed too and they knew I talked to her so that night she sent me a text that she has a lot on her mind that's why she hasn't been talking to me so I asked myself how come I'm the only one that she doesn't talk to but she talks with others. I even told her that there's nobody that doesn't have one issue or the other that even me my dad has been sick for sometime now but I didn't let that disturb me because I believe God has taken control.
So after that day ma could you believe that till now, for almost two months after I asked her she is still keeping malice with me. Until my dad passed she sent me a text and said 'sorry for your loss'. Whenever I'm talking about the plans for my wedding others will be talking but she won't talk nor contribute to it.
My other colleagues will come to me to say she said she must get married before December that she even said she wants to make a fake card so that she can submit it to my boss. I wonder and asked myself if we are competing or sharing anything. She even talks about how long her wedding will be, how expensive it will be, how her engagement ring will be diamonds just because she saw my engagement ring and some other things, trying to throw shade at me so that I will feel bad.
This has been going on for a while now and I don't really know what to do about it. Please ma I need your advice because she's really getting on my nerves. Thank you so much ma.

When you see kids playing, you simply ignore them and focus on what you are doing for yourself. You don't need to win her friendship for your wedding to be a success, nor should you be worried about her attitude towards you. 
When the Bible said that God will prepare your table in the presence of your enemies, this is actually what he meant. 
If you are expecting everyone to be happy with you, celebrate with you, and wish you well when you're rejoicing, then you will definitely be disappointed. 
All you need to do now is prepare for your wedding prayerfully, and work with those who identify with you. Time will sort other things out for you, for now, be yourself and ignore her emotional tantrums.

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