Monday, August 22, 2016

My Husband Hates Sex.

Hi, I'm married with two kids, and pregnant with the third child almost ten years now. My hubby hates sex, all he thinks about is his work. I have complained several times, pleaded, switch him too that I'm not a piece of furniture in his house.

This makes me very angry, I have to sometimes masturbate to ease the pressure, even when he eventually decides to, it's very boring, and he can't keep up for up to five minutes.
I am a very unhappy person right now because I married him simply because I was pregnant not for love. He keeps to himself most times, and still brings work to the bedroom, my relationship can be described as a very boring one.
I am a Christian and hate the fact that I have to sin, I don't want to harbour resentments and go to hell but this man is not helping me. Please what do I do?

I will help you understand what you are dealing with in your marriage. The basic truth is that no man hates sex (now that sounds like an exaggeration), but there are some men who have some psychological struggles and fears that they're dealing with which also affects their sexual perception and performance. 
The painful thing about men is that their penis can't pretend unlike the vagina that is active whether in the mood or not. 
Because I am not talking with your husband, I may not be able to exactly pinpoint the reason why he's flat in the bed. 
Maybe you should encourage him to write to me here or both of you may schedule to meet an urologist or a sex therapist so that he will find out what he's struggling with. 
But from the little information you revealed, his challenge maybe psychological than organic or health related. It's possible that he may be worried about his penis size, penis performance or self esteem in such a manner that he's scared of having sex with you. 
It's quite more complex in his mind than you think, and I will plead with you not to be so hard on him but give him some time and encourage him so that both of you can work on this and get it right on your bed. 
I doubt if any man ever wish to marry a lady and watch her like a television set, but when they're dealing with such emotional struggle, they may find it difficult to open up and seek for help for fear of being insulted. 
With the right attitude, support, patience and understanding, I believe that his sexual performance can get better than it is currently.


  1. I ran across this site and was surprise with the senders concerns. I think she should encourage his husband to open their line of communication when it comes to the bedroom issues.


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